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WAYV IS BACK: The group proved that they are worth the wait

WAYV IS BACK: The group proved that they are worth the wait

Debuting as billionaires with Regular and recently slaying the music industry as Phantoms; WayV proved that they are worthy of the support. 

WayV (Weishen V / 威神V) is a C-POP group consisting of active members: KUN, TEN, WINWIN, HENDERY, XIAOJUN, and YANGYANG. They are a sub-unit of NCT under SM Entertainment which made a comeback after a long time of inactivity. 

But things will come to those who wait, and WayV proved that they are definitely worth it. WayV members and their fans may now say goodbye to their long wait!

On December 28, 2022, WayV released their fourth mini-album, Phantom. WayV consistently delivers as promised. With the help of their title track under the same album name, they danced their way back into the music world as a whole group. Phantom is another excellent addition to their vast discography as they have long been recognized for their fascinating concepts. Well, their discography is indeed a no-skip one. 

WayV released a new song almost 2 years after their previous comeback with Kick Back. In all honesty, there was a quite long wait, but that is what inspired their fandom, Weishennies (or WayZennis), to support the boys even more. On a more positive note, they weren’t completely locked away in SM Entertainment’s basement back then. They still released duo and solo songs, cast shows, did vlogs, and went on international tours.

Due to the group’s inactivity at the time, the fans were not that well-fed with content, but WayV still provided them with excellent music to listen to!

The fans were embraced by KUN and XIAOJUN’s song titled Back to You and their heavenly vocals. We were also able to see how incredibly talented TEN is as an artist on TEN’s Paint Me Naked. A fantastic song you can dance to, Low Low, by the sub-unit of TEN and YANGYANG, came next. The boys continued to engage in unit songs for the NCT 2022 album release, Universe, even though WayV as a group was not active. The group showcased their charm and sexiness with their unit song, Miracle, while TEN recently astounded us with his recent solo song release, Birthday. On numerous streaming platforms, fans and even non-fans may listen to more WayV music, covers, and unit songs.

Actually, one thing about WayV is they are really talented even outside the music industry.

WINWIN started the path of acting last 2022 with a Chinese drama, The Shadow. XIAOJUN also made his acting debut in the Chinese drama “Welcome High School Students.” Other members also took the fans with them through WayV-log, WayV-ariety, and lots of enjoyable content on their official YouTube channel. Weishennies for sure enjoyed those videos including KUN’s Cloud and HENDERY’s (Un)official Cantonese Class.

Of course, the WayV moments also took the fans on a higher level than watching their YouTube videos and listening to their album songs – they also had overseas tours and heard their fans cheer live.

WayV members KUN, HENDERY, XIAOJUN, and YANGYANG, visited the Philippines in I-Pop U Manila together with another NCT unit – NCT Dream, and other groups. The four members felt the heartwarming welcome of Filipino Weishennies and heard probably one of the loudest cheers any group could ever receive. All the support that they received indeed proved that the fans were waiting for them with excitement and support. 

Almost two years of inactivity as a group did not make WayV lose their limelight in the industry. Well, in fact, they continue to prove how amazing of a group they are while promoting. Other people were worried that they might struggle to get back to momentum after a long time of hiatus, but WayV shows that they are capable of further improvement. In the recent interview of the group on DAZED, the group expresses their feelings towards the future of WayV. 

“…this is WayV from now on. This is us, this is the new era.”

TEN mentioned in the interview and it inspires their fans to show more support to the boys in their new era. 

Weishennies know that there is still a lot to expect from their favorite group. Fans and even casual listeners are already thrilled about the songs that WayV will release in the future.

But other than music releases, fans all over the world were thrilled after it was announced that WayV will be holding a “Phantom” fan meeting global tour this 2023. The tour will continue to major cities all around the world after launching in Korea in February. Here comes more WayV and Weishennies face-to-face exchange of love and support after years. 

With all that, WayV proved that they are indeed an amazing group. They still have a lot to offer, and their fans will be ready to show their support in the future. The wait must have been long, but Weishennies will still walk with WayV towards the flowery path.

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