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Hospital Playlist set to premiere on Netflix on March 12

Hospital Playlist set to premiere on Netflix on March 12

Hospital Playlist explores the chemistry among five friends who have stayed close with each other since they attended medical school together 20 years ago. They can practically read each other’s mind just by looking into their eyes. The day-to-day lives of the people living, dying and just passing through the hospital where they all work is a microcosm of the world beyond.

The Characters



Jeon Mi-do plays Song-hwa, the de-facto spiritual leader of the quintet. Kim Dae-myeong plays Seok-hyeong, a reclusive loner. Cho Jung-seok plays Ik-jun, a self-described ‘inside operator’ who has excelled academically as well as socially. Chong Kyung-ho plays Jun-wan, who is an outstanding surgeon but is a miserable person. Yoo Yeon-seok plays Jeong-won who is always polite and caring at work, but in private he is a rather edgy character.

These five diverse personalities emerge from behind the hospital curtains. There is a hint of the deep connections they share as well as the complicated lives that are hidden from the patients, family, staff and fellow doctors they interact with every day. There are many surprises and revelations awaiting in this fresh new drama. Audiences will discover the chemistry among long-time friends who stick together through thick and thin.

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