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SB19 Josh is more than his charismatic image

SB19 Josh is more than his charismatic image

Invading the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) with their sound breaking music — that is what SB19 known for. Owning the throne of P-Pop as they break their own record in the Billboard Social 50. So much to that, they are not just sound alone but they are a pack of visuals. Yes, and one member of the group is known for his overflowing charisma, I’m talking about Josh Cullen Santos, our Ssob.

Josh is more than just a ‘charismatic member’

Josh is known as the “most charismatic member” — but he is more than that. The charisma he owns overflows the moment he spits his rap line. Anyone gets hype with his rap line in Go Up — “sa ilog na brr-rumaragasa, uh.” Well, no wonder Josh is the rapper that will make you alive. In fact, he also loves the King of K-Pop, G-Dragon.

But JC (Josh Cullen) is not just that, the way he snaps his part there is always a gigil. As a matter of fact, prior to SB19, Josh and Stell are members of the cover group called ‘SE-EON’ who had won seven competitions back then.

Photo from SB19 Josh Facebook

Above all, Josh charisma does not settle with visuals and talent alone. It even goes beyond with his personality. Yes, his perseverance as a son where he took Alternative Learning System (ALS) to complete his studies speaks volume. But we can’t deny that in every interview, Josh is the member who is  brave and bold in sharing his thoughts.

Remember the time when they went to Korea and they passed by a man who was giving a flyers? Josh suggested that they should get the flyers as it will help the man to reach his quota. Indeed, a man of character!

Photo from SB19 Official

The most charismatic member also used to dream of becoming a professional gamer. No wonder he is the member with the most reply, recording 163 tweets, for mention party or known as MenPa.

Now, better stan Josh Cullen!

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