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Stuff & Shop: Affordable Gifts For Loved Ones This Christmas

Stuff & Shop: Affordable Gifts For Loved Ones This Christmas

The holiday season officially kicks off in just one week. So, it’s time to start thinking about GIFTS! Given this, allow me to share some of my favorite and affordable stuff with you as well as my favorite online shops to visit while looking for presents for holidays like Christmas and birthdays.

Giving gifts to our loved ones is a way to show our appreciation, especially for those who have stood by our side and helped us through our highs and lows. Additionally, by planning presents in advance, we have more time to do the essential duties before Christmas.

It may also be simpler for you to think of thoughtful gifts that they will genuinely enjoy. Personally, I want my gifts to be special and beneficial to them in their everyday lives. Find out more about this affordable stuff and shop for gifts over the holiday season.

Stuff & Shop: Affordable Gifts For Loved Ones This Christmas


Photo | aesthetics.dgp

If you’re anything like me and want to give a gift that the person can use and will likely use frequently, like this scented candle, you might want to consider getting this hand-poured scented soy candle jar from aesthetics.dgp online. These lovely soy candle jars are extremely nice if you buy them. You get exactly what you see, as the expression goes.

Additionally, it was beautifully packaged and offered a selection of scents and other services to allow you to create very customized candle jars. It is without a doubt can improve your mood with their hand-poured scented soy candles crafted in this style. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.

Bath and Body Works Scented Candle

Photo | dubai.shop.online

This one is also a quality scented candle. Since it originated in Dubai, Qatar, the United States, and Canada, this Bath & Body Works single-wick scented candle has a great smell, is packed beautifully, and is of exceptional quality. From lotions and scents, you may get more items at this store. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.

Thrift Apparel MNL

Photo | Thrift Apparel MNL

A shirt is never a bad choice. Given that we all use clothing on a daily basis, this will likely be the easiest gift to purchase. Thrift Apparel MNL is a clothing shop that offers quality and really good designs at a reasonable price to satiate your interest in any show or character you adore.

When it comes to your inquiries and requests as you buy something from them, they are very accommodating. Additionally, the shop sells designed face masks and tote bags! Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.

EG Trends Apparel

Photo | EG Trends Apparel

Girly clothing that is reasonably priced and of good quality? Visit this well-known clothes boutique. Depending on your style, EG Trends Apparel has a wide selection of clothing for you. It features casual wear, business clothes, formal clothing, and more. You can really tell how well-organized this store is, so picking out your size or outfits won’t ever feel overwhelming. To learn more, visit their official Facebook page or this Shopee link.


Photo | mm_clothing_co

Looking for more fashionable clothing? Visit mm_clothing_co online! For all kinds of occasions, this store features a wide selection of formal and casual clothing. It can give you confidence and it’s trendy. To learn more, visit their official Instagram page or this Shopee page link.


Photo | queerears.ph

If you want to buy a friend a pair of adorable earrings or treat yourself to a few for our fashionable and hip attire, you might want to visit queerears.ph online. Think it depends on your interests, this online shop voffers you a variety of adorable miniature jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, and necklaces featuring foods, beverages, and more. The products are nicely packaged as well. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.

Happy Klay by K

Photo | Happy Klay by K

This store, Happy Klay by K, sells clay earrings. You can choose from a huge selection of their handcrafted polymer clay and stainless steel earrings. It provides you with high-quality and pretty packaging. In accordance with your preferences, they can also alter the earrings’ color palette. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more. Check out this store as well for more adorable jewelry.

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Chic Beauthic

Photo | Chic Beauthic

This store can help you save time if you’re looking for a customized mug. It offers you a mug with a minimalist design and really lovely calligraphy for your cup’s name. When shipped, it is securely packaged and suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.


Photo | TapeBeats

This is a sweet gesture that you can offer to your significant other or just to a family member who enjoys music. One can order a mixtape and bundle from TapeBeats. A bundle includes a mixtape and a classic cassette player.  You can choose your own tape color and artwork cover. To make it even more unique, you can send your own design. To find out more about TapeBeats, visit their Instagram page here.


Photo | HUGS & CASES by AV

Want to present a phone case that is personalized? Say no more, this online shop can provide you with personalized iPhone cases that suit your preferences. To have a design printed on your phone, you can select from a range of options, including vector art, line art, and your own photo or a photo of your pet. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more. 


Photo | MarcusNMommy

“Ang sanhi po ng pagparito, Hihingi po ng aguinaldo.”

As stated in this well-known Filipino Christmas song, the purpose of coming here is to ask for an aguinaldo, which is another word for asking for gifts. Typically, children will do this to their Ninongs, Ninangs, or another senior relative. If you have children to buy presents for this Christmas, consider this amazing shop that may help you in selecting various high-quality items for your kids at a much cheaper price. They provide items that have been successfully inspected and trusted by other meticulous parents. They will undoubtedly learn and also enjoy the experience. Visit their Shopee account here if you want to see more.

Which ones would you want to buy for your loved ones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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