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Here’s why you should invest on durable activewear

Here’s why you should invest on durable activewear

Looking cute and gaining results are just two things, but the most important factor of working out and getting fit for us is the motivation. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to actually get on track in your journey to a healthier and fitness goal state!
Many are now on the lookout for the best activewear that can survive various exercises! We’ve found online shops on Instagram that shared with us the value of wearing good workout clothes to not just put you in the mood but really push you to an exciting sweat session.
We’ve chatted with three Instagram stores in Metro Manila that sell the most aesthetic and affordable activewear and they’ve told us what we need to know when investing for our fitness.

via @nouveaumnl

Nouveau Activewear

Filipina beauty queen Kristi Banks is proud that she chose to put up a small business of workout clothes to cater to every woman’s needs in achieving that quarantoned body through Nouveau MNL.
“The main drive of Nouveau is to provide people options for affordable and comfortable activewear. It should stay true to its quality of material and remain fashionable. The brand’s concept is “the new normal” because we don’t only workout at home but we sometimes use our activewear as loungewear. Hence, it also has to be flexible.”

via @nouveaumnl

Moreover, she reiterated the importance of finding the perfect fit for your routines at home, “If you wear proper workout clothes, it completely changes your mood and the routine. You feel energized and accomplished. Gyms have mirrors because it helps you see your form when you lift or stretch. So, imagine when you’re all sweaty and you look at the mirror, what do you want to see? Of course, you still want to look good and feel good.”

via @nouveaumnl


Meanwhile, Active.Hour is created to be able to represent the “every-girl.” They have a variety of activewear sets to choose from depending on the style, size, and preference of their customers.

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“With proper workout attire, one would definitely be able to move better as comfort is achieved through the activewear’s quality and fit. This will definitely complement the workout/activity you’re planning to do.”

via @active.hour

“Our activewear is multipurpose as they are not only for workouts but also for lounging around or basically for an everyday outfit! Aside from the fact that it will not restrict you from doing any type/level of workout, wearing durable activewear also affects your performance because of the comfortability it gives.”

New day Activewear

New day Activewear, on the other hand, knows that comfort and style do sometimes come with a price. However, their products prove that they’re worth investing as they do not just offer function but also a lot more!

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“People should invest in good/durable activewear as they working out or taking care of our physical and mental health should be a lifestyle. Lifestyle meaning we should incorporate it consistently and thinking long term. Sure we may have goals on attaining a certain goal.

via @newday_activewear

“But, working out is so much more than that. It helps us mentally too! So invest on things you know will last. It might be a bit costly but you’ll surely get your money’s worth!”
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