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Spend the long weekend right with a bottle from the Baldtender

Spend the long weekend right with a bottle from the Baldtender

Alas! We’re at the end of August just like that! Don’t worry, this month may have passed in a breeze, you get to save the best for last as you welcome another holiday dedicated for self-care and recovering from the hectic week that was.

The Baldtender

What better way to cap off the day but with alcohol, right? Our newest buddy, the Baldtender, has curated the perfect cocktail drinks for this occasion!
A play on the word “bartender,” Baldtender actually echoes the owner as a person: First, bald, second, his passion for mixing drinks; hence, the brand name.
“Like most, I like drinking cocktails with friends either at home or at the bar. When the pandemic started and people can’t go out, I thought I’d help bring the flavors and mixes they miss to their doorstep through my ready-to-drink cocktails.”
Starting the business was not just a dream come true for him as he found a new purpose in life with bartending at home.
And he’s just ecstatic to be able to let others experience the same fulfillment as well.
“Some people learned how to bake or to sew; me, I mastered making classic cocktails. Bringing Baldtender to life didn’t only help ease my boredom and earned me a new feather on my hat, but it also gave me something to look forward to each day. Nothing beats waking up in the morning with orders from new customers and positive feedback from existing customers.”
Baldtender’s brand identity says it all: Ready-to-drink classic cocktails delivered straight to your doorstep. They offer a range of flavors that one can choose from without hurting the pocket!
Their drinks list consist of five variants ‘best-served ice and best shared with friends.’
The Baldtender serves Negroni, Old Fashioned, Amaretto Sour, Margarita, and Mojito in a 250ml bottle with prices varying from P499-P680.
Look no further for your next e-numan! Baldtender’s premium drinks will keep you pouring and pouring!
Visit their Instagram page for more info on how to order and you heard it from us, watch out as they’re adding more fun flavors to the menu! *winks*
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