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We discovered a site that helps us manage our personal finances — and it’s FREE

We discovered a site that helps us manage our personal finances — and it’s FREE

In most schools and universities, personal finance is not a required subject, hence this lack of basic financial knowledge affects how young adults manage their own money and getting stay out of unnecessary debt.

Handling finances this pandemic

Having a right amount of financial education will help us survive especially in this time of the pandemic. Prior to this global health chaos that is currently affecting most of our life activities, we always hear from experts and elderly financial tips to help us live our best financial life. Learning self-control, knowing and understanding where our money goes, or starting saving for an emergency fund and retirement plan are some of the few reminders we always get from them. These are all true and helpful, however, as people normally said — it’s easier said than done.

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Well, sweethearts, you don’t have to worry anymore as we just recently discovered a website that will keep track and manage our own finances. Pigly, a website offering free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance, is perfect for young professionals who always have doubts about their saving skills. Unlike many other websites, this is free and ad-free.

VP discovered a helpful website for all of us

We understand that with all the bad things happening in the world caused by the pandemic, unwanted stress could compromise our physical, mental, and emotional health. We can’t run away with our financial duties that’s for sure — nevertheless, getting some help from websites like Pigly might reduce our financial stress from mounting bills, reduced incomes, and job uncertainty.

Pigly offers a wide range of tools from savings, budgeting, retirement planning, mortgages, auto loans, personal loans —  but for struggling young professionals like me, the Budget Calculators would definitely be a big help. You might want to check out the site so you can see if there is a topic that can help you.

Below are some of the useful calculators from Pigly that can be beneficial to us, especially this time of the pandemic. These tools will help us discover our common mistakes about saving and spending and eventually improve them. 

Paycheck Salary Calculator

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Keeping track of your paycheck salary is a must, especially for young professionals. Being aware and knowledgeable on how much you earn at your job is an obligation. 

Personal Budget Planner

Screenshot from Pigly

Before managing your spending habits, you have to know your estimated income based on monthly and annual duration. This tool will determine how much you might need to change your spending habits to match your current income.

Savings Calculator

Screenshot from Pigly

Savings is not a joke — and understanding how much interest you will earn based on a single deposit is essential basic knowledge. Right?

Electricity Cost Calculator 

Screenshot from Pigly

Aiming to lower your electricity cost? This tool is perfect for you as it will help you to estimate the cost of operating any given electrical appliance, based on the average KWH (kilowatt hours) used per day, and on the average cost per KWH charged by your electric company.

Everyone is affected by the pandemic — emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. But knowing that your finances are well taken care of might decrease the tension and stress you might be feeling. Give yourself a little time to move forward and focus on your wellbeing. Let websites like Pigly help you through these difficult times. Be prepared and smart!

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