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Gabrielle Basiano viciously stuns in Valentina-inspired gown

Gabrielle Basiano viciously stuns in Valentina-inspired gown

Gabrielle Basiano is viciously stunning in this Valentina-inspired Evening Gown

Gabrielle Basiano might not have won the crown, but she sure did end her journey on a high fashion note! The 50th Miss Intercontinental pageant took place on September 14 at the Meraki Resort in the Egyptian City of Sharm El Sheikh.

With Vietnam winning its first crown thanks to Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Gabrielle’s Top 20 finish isn’t without praise. Not going down without a fight, Gabrielle pulled out all the stops when she came out slithering in this showstopping gown.

If you thought her two award winning gowns at Binibining Pilipinas were amazing, then check out this reptile of a creation up close!

A Villainous gown for a Heroic Queen

Calling it ‘Valentina‘, the gown takes inspiration from the iconic Filipino villain. As always, designers Ken Bantino and Jevin Salaysay have done such an excellent job.

It features chains made from gold and blue ombre well as turquoise and silver Swarovski crystals. Continuing with tradition, it also comes with a complimenting cap that, when taken off, reveals a snake headpiece underneath.

It is unquestionably a tasteful tribute to the antagonist.

However, the designers shares that the gown aims to reflect Valentina as someone relatable and bit more humane. Stating that it demonstrates her other side, which is depicted as a cursed person with a good heart and determination.

Considering that Gabrielle is also in Egypt, the gown also fit well with the Saharan atmosphere. This is due to the nation’s ancient civilization’s veneration of snakes, which are associated with eternity and the rebirth of life.

Leaving with a bang

Aside from her finals gown, Gabrielle also wore many amazing pieces prior and during the show. On the morning of the big day, she posted this on her Instagram.
Looking like a true Egyptian queen, this is created once again by Batino and Salaysay.

Meanwhile, during the announcement of semifinalists, Gabrielle came out glowing in this white opening gown. Naming it the Egypian White Goddess Cocktail Dress, it was made by designer Jhajha Gabunal.

Perhaps one of the best styled beauty queens in recent memory, Gabrielle and her team deserves the outmost recognition. Her consistent and curated wardrobe are testament to their efforts in bagging us that elusive back-to-back win.

Huge congratulations to you, Gabrielle and kudos to your team! You all made this year’s Miss Intercontinental worth watching. Mabuhay kayo and Maraming Salamat!

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