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From flour sack into a Masterpiece: Wear. Expo is a brand to watch out for!

From flour sack into a Masterpiece: Wear. Expo is a brand to watch out for!

Wear. Expo is a brand that proves, that creating something out of nothing is a talent! Sustainable fashion changed a lot of our habits in reducing our carbon footprint. Also, It reduced consumption and waste. Other than that, Sustainable Fashion challenges designers to make their look innovative and fashion-forward.

Over the past decade, sustainable fashion garnered attention. Because of this sudden increase in clothing purchases worldwide, it’s becoming a global topic that Filipinos become more aware of over the past few years.

Wear. Expo is an Aspiring brand that practices Sustainability and contributes to the betterment of our environment

Romar Magcale is the 21-year-old Sustainable designer of Wear. Expo along with her business partner and supplier Mariel Nicole Aquino. First, they believe that clothes have no gender, and you can wear them with confidence. Second, they utilize sustainable materials such as sacks, and polypropylene sacks from local bakeries around their area.

They also sell its pieces at affordable prices, because as a student they want it to be budget-friendly so that their niche group can purchase. Above all, the effort in making their pieces is remarkable and most importantly wearable.

Le Soleil Tulip Polo

The Le Soleil Polo very much screams kakampink. Wear. Expo is not only a fashion brand, but it’s also political! The brand fully supports Leni Robredo. Also, they firmly believe that she is qualified and contains all the good qualities of running this country. In a form of clothing, Wear. Expo makes a difference and creates advocacy for the youth in choosing the right for our country.

Multi strapped Majestic Corset

This corset is indeed, majestic! Who would have thought that you can create a corset out of sacks? This brand gives us everything we want to wear on a normal basis. In addition, it’s wearable even though it is made from scraps you can slay day by day by wearing this majestic corset.

Le Soleil Bucket Hat

Finally, the bucket hat is the center of attraction. We love how the patterns of the sack, all came together and it made it look promising. The thing that drives this hat extraordinary is that it gives a campy vibe which is fun to look at the more you stare at it.

What is your vision and mission for Wear. Expo?

The main mission for Wear. Expo provides affordable quality, sustainable clothing with eco-friendly materials. It doesn’t compromise in regards to compensation for the creators’ skills and vision for the products.

A business that prioritizes and cares for the people that make the business; may it be co-owners, suppliers, ambassadors, influencers, and even the consumers.

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What’s your inspiration in starting this brand?

I’ve always enjoyed thrifting and repurposing my clothes and I think I’ve surrounded myself with people who want the same things. That being said, being surrounded with people who also find joy in things I find joy in; inspired me to share further the joys we have come to enjoy.

This business has become not only a means of income expression but also an expression of something that truly brought joy to my everyday.

How can you motivate other designers for them to utilize sustainable fashion?

The way to motivate other people is to keep creating pieces that aim for sustainability. Also finding the niche group of people who purchase and advocate for sustainable fashion.

It would influence other people who normally take pleasure in buying sustainable fashion hence would up the demand in the market for these types of clothing.

Finally, to see more of Wear. Expo latest works and upcoming projects, You can follow their account on  Instagram. Their creation will inspire and challenge you to incorporate sustainable fashion in your next creation in the future.

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