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Four movies I personally recommend you to watch

Four movies I personally recommend you to watch

It’s Saturday night and you’re done with all the tasks you have. You want to get relaxed but pandemic still hangs around. If you’re like me who’s hobby is watching movies with an exciting and light plot. It’s time to grab your favorite blanket and put on your socks! As the night will be more special for you. With your long period of facing that computer and cellphone while working at home. It’s time for you to have a movie marathon that composes of different genres.

However, with all the movies available in different streaming apps. It’s hard to choose which movie to watch. Picking a movie might take a long time, so to help you with your Saturday night movie marathon. Let me recommend to you my top four current favorites that I just stumbled upon watching. Personally, these movies help me while dealing with my online class. So, here are my four recommended movies to watch.

Four movies I personally recommend you to watch

The Intern (2015)

By its movie title, you probably have an idea of its content. Well, to tell you honestly I’ve searched many movie titles looking for intern content. Why? Well, I am preparing myself for my online internship program. Since the pandemic hinders face-to-face classes. Internships will be done for online set up just like classes. Upon watching the movie, I was so amazed because the intern that I assume would be like of my age. However, it hooked me up when Robert De Niro’s (Ben Witthaker) character came up as a senior intern at an online fashion site. His character as a seventy-year-old widow who is in his retirement age discovered something new.

Moreover, Anne Hathaway’s character (Jules Ostin) portrays as the workaholic CEO. She’s somewhat skeptical of Ben as a senior intern but, because of Ben’s courage and initiative. They formed a bond of friendship. This American comedy-drama film is perfect from its plot, actors, and cinematography. What do I love about this movie? It’s not your typical movie wherein the girl just takes care of the child and the husband works away from home. It’s actually the opposite.

IMDb | The Intern

Frankly, I was so touched by the character of Jules Ostin. I also dreamed of building my own fashion company and be a working woman that is free from anyone. It also reflects the conflicts and struggles of powerful and modern women. Try to watch it!

Miss Sloane (2016)

 If you enjoy political thriller films, count this movie on your list!. Starring Jessica Chastain as Miss Sloane itself. It revolves around the chaotic world of politics. At first, I’m so confused about whether each character betrayed her or supports her. Elizabeth Sloane is a lobbyist in D.C who attempts to fight the passage of gun control legislation. It’s quite a dramatic film reflecting the connection between big businesses and politics. However, her character was bruised when her opponents destroyed her with her personal life. But, here’s the catch! Miss Sloane’s character impresses me with how calm and wise she responds to the opponent’s move. It’s like playing a game of chess, a mind game to be exact. Never have I explored such a movie like this. 

And if you’re wondering what kind of character she portrays. Let me share with you her iconic lines in the movie.

 “Lobbying is about foresight. About anticipating your opponent’s moves and devising countermeasures. The winner plots one step ahead of the opposition and plays her trump card just after they play theirs. ” 

“It’s about making sure you surprise them, and they don’t surprise you.”

IMDb | Miss Sloane

Cruella (2021)

A new release Disney crime comedy film will rock you with different fashion styles and looks. Based on the character of Cruella de Vil from the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. Aside from its punk rock movement, Emma Stone portrays both Cruella and Estella Miller’s characters. Estella Miller’s character as a creative child with a fashion talent has another personality of being cruel which leads to her nickname Cruella.

However, as a child with rebellious nature, she kept messing up with the school’s head that leads to the decision of her mom to drop her off at school. As per the movie moves along and after ten years Estella who dyes her hair red meet and live with Jasper and Horace. They steal for a living while Estella makes their clothes as a disguise. This movie comes along with the realization that villains also have their own stories. That sometimes we might overlook and ignore its origin. Watch this movie and witness its plot twist.

IMDb | Cruella

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

A romantic-comedy film that’s based on the novel book of Kevin Kwan. I got curious about this film’s hype on the internet so I watched it!. Personally, I’m in awe of its cinematography, especially in the wedding scene. Is there’s a perfect word fit for that scene? Yes, it’s MAGICAL!.
Starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, and Michelle Yeoh. This movie revolves around a young and handsome man (Nick Young) with his girlfriend (Rachel Chu) who pays a visit to Singapore to attend a wedding. Conflict arises when Nick introduces Rachel to his family which turns out to be wealthy. I love that it provides a culture of Asians from the foods, clothes, social life, and even family values. Consider watching this movie!

IMDb | Crazy Rich Asians

Which one will you be watching?

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