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Five Online Sewing Supply Stores For Your Crochet Needs

Five Online Sewing Supply Stores For Your Crochet Needs

Whether you are just beginning or have been crocheting for months/years, online stores have made it easier for you to get your crochet needs. You can now order them from the comfort of your home anywhere in the Philippines. Searching for a store worth your money? I got you!

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Five Online Sewing Supply Stores For Your Crochet Needs

Nik Knot

Photo Credits | Facebook: Nik Knot

A Davao-based arts and crafts shop founded in January 2021. The shop sells yarns both locally and China-made as well as general sewing supplies like crafting scissors, crochet hooks, and darning needles of different lengths.

They mostly focus on crochet-based products and feature products for other crochet-making businesses, too. Hence, they also sell items that you might need for certain business projects like fiber filler for amigurumis, hair ties for scrunchy making, and floral tape for crochet flowers.

Finish your project by attaching one of their “handmade” labeled tags and pack it on a bed of shredded paper with the help of their PHP 129 manual paper shredder. Seal it all in with one of their “thank you” stickers and ship it off to your excited customer!

Nik Knot is available online on Shopee and Facebook. If you are within Davao, request delivery to your home or visit one of their stores. Rustic Boutique is open from Monday to Saturday every 9 AM to 6 PM, located at Unit 206 Santos Bldg. 2, KFC Quirino 2nd Floor, fronting Davao Doctor’s Hospital. The Concept Store is located at Sitio Pantalan, Brgy. Miranda, Babak District Samal and is open from Monday to Sunday every 10 AM to 7 PM.

Skylove Tailoring Supplies

Photo Credits | Facebook: Skylove Tailoring Supplies

A shop based in Metro Manila and is available on Shopee. They sell yarns most of which can be seen in a general store for really cheap as well as other items for certain crochet projects like fiber fill, floral wire, and bra pads.

What I personally love about this shop is its affordable and cheap crochet starter kits. Unlike most crochet shops online, it offers a full range of beginner kits for different kinds of beginners. With this, I was able to try out two different types of yarn, and make any project I want with the size range of hooks I got.

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Photo Credits | Lazada: Sewday

If you need or want cheap multicolored/gradient yarn, Sewday on Lazada is the shop to look for. This shop sells general products for both knitters and crocheters. They also sell select DMC yarns, especially the DMC Cocoon yarn which you can buy at a cheaper price compared to that from the flagship store.

Candy Floss Yarns

Photo Credits | Facebook: Candy Floss Yarns

This is an online shop based in Pangasinan that specializes in monochrome milk cotton yarns. The reviews say that they have the softest milk cotton yarns that produce the least lint. Soft yet firm, perfect for crocheting baby products for baby-sensitive skin. Candy Floss Yarns is available on Facebook and Shopee.

Hope Stitch

Photo Credits | Facebook: Hope Stitch

A Shopee-only shop based in Cebu. This shop mostly sells combed cotton yarns of monochrome and gradient colors going from 100 grams to 500 grams. Compared to others listed here, it is the only store with glow-in-the-dark yarn. For every 500 grams of yarn purchased, you even get a free 100-gram 5ply combed cotton in buttermilk.

From Luzon to Mindanao, get your crocheting needs fulfilled from any of these shops in the Philippines!

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