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Five Filipino Comfort Food After Simbang Gabi

Five Filipino Comfort Food After Simbang Gabi

In every celebration, food is a must — Christmas season is not an exception, of course. We have noche buena on Christmas eve where our families from great-great grandparents down to our siblings enjoy the meal together. Meanwhile, delicacies after simbang gabi are always there waiting outside the churches. It is always a part of the culture. So here are my most-awaited delicacies (comfort food, I must say).


When you say Filipino comfort food, this is a top tier. It is usually cook in clay pots with leaves beneath on it. This is baked rice cake through coconut milk. And this completes with coconut shred toppings.


Sometimes plain white, sometimes colorful. Yes, colorful puto is always attractive to little kids. But what always gets your tongue is the big chunk of cheese on top of it. Well, sometimes it’s just a strip of cheese. This is steamed rice cake, usually made by slightly fermented rice dough.


For your sweet taste buds this is the best comfort food for you. Brown in color and looks like slimy but it won’t make you regret. This is just another steamed rice cake. But this one is combined with tapioca or rice flour, brown sugar, and lye. What makes it more delicious is the yema on top or you can also have your coconut toppings.

Puto Bumbong

Photo Credit: https://hicaps.com.ph/

This is the most eye-catchy delicacy for the customers. This is usually cook in an odd way, and oddly satisfying color. Yes, this is the purple food! This is just a purple rice cake steamed through a bamboo tube. Like any rice cake, this is also top with grated coconut but here’s the twist. You can also have brown sugar on it.

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And to sum up your cravings with all those different rice cakes, here’s a beverage to warm you up. This is a just your typical chocolate drink but always present on simbang gabi.

So are you ready for this coming misa de gallo? Go get your comfort foodie and enjoy the holidays!

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