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Enjoying your meals without overthinking this Holiday season

Enjoying your meals without overthinking this Holiday season

We only live once, yet we often limit ourselves to what makes us satisfied and happy — due to too much thinking about what others would say. And since we often depend on ourselves to what they think what’s good, it limits us to live our life to the fullest when in fact, we should be enjoying our life while we are still here. Maintaining our body fitness, especially when we regularly go to the gym, is just one of the most challenging lifestyles. Due to our desire to gain a perfect body shape to cope with what’s trending today, it gives us too much restriction on the food we really want. For instance, this holiday season is just another season for food temperance because we fear that we might gain weight in the next days.

While there are so many role models who have a sexy shaped body that everyone seems to fantasize, it somehow dictates us that they should be the basis of an “ideal person” because of its jaw-dropping physical features. Well, let’s give them extra credits for their hard work in pursuing their body goals.

However, this idea should never dictate us how to live our life. This holiday season, let us enjoy whatever special delicacies are prepared on our dinner tables without overthinking too much.

Enjoying meals without messing up your healthy lifestyle

This article doesn’t suggest to go eat whatever you want, a healthy lifestyle is still a plus factor to live your life to the fullest. Basically, this is just a preparation so that you won’t hesitate to enjoy eating. But still, you only live once and it only happens once a year with your loved ones so, don’t hesitate to full your stomach this coming Christmas and New Year – but excessive eating is not good as well, just take it lightly while enjoying.

Exercise now, eat later

We still have a couple of days before Christmas and New Year. Today is a good time to prepare our body for a variety of special delicacies during holiday season. A morning exercise like running, jogging, dancing or basic work out would be fun knowing that you will burn some fats. Afterward, it will make you good and stress-free from eating anything you want.

Drink enough glass of water

A glass of water every day would also help you prevent from gaining weight. Drinking water helps you boost your metabolism and it also serves as an appetite suppressant which helps you prevent (at least) from being so hungry on the food that is too high in calories.

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Eat Slowly

Your holiday meals won’t go anywhere unless you limit yourself too much from eating. Eating slowly would lead you to better digestion, hydration, easier maintenance of weight, and greater satisfaction with our meals — just take your time to appreciate what’s on the table!

Vegetables and Fruits first

Before anything else, vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals is a good “starter pack” during holiday season meals. After absorbing its benefits, you may now enjoy other food you want to eat.

Drink herbal teas after enjoying your meals

Drinking herbal tea is a friendly tip for you not to gain too much weight. Herbal teas like ginger, lime tea, dandelion root, peppermint, hibiscus tea, and fennel are just some good teas that can improve your digestion.

Get some air and go back to your exercise routine

After enjoying your Christmas and New Year’s meal, it is better to get some fresh air and go back to your daily exercise routine the day after to detox easily and maintain your body goals. Take enough sleep at night but avoid sleeping too much. Doing some fun activities would also help you not to gain weight easily.

The holiday season is meant for us to enjoy and take a break from stuff that made us stressed this year. It must be a season of freeing ourselves from overthinking too much and not a season of stressing ourselves to gain weight and other possibilities. After all, it’s our own health and body that matters a lot.

So enjoy your holiday with your loved ones and don’t hesitate to eat what’s on your table!

Photo appeared as Featured Image from Philippine Primer
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