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“Ber” Months Moments: Brace yourselves for the Jose Mari Chan humorous memes

“Ber” Months Moments: Brace yourselves for the Jose Mari Chan humorous memes

Clueless with just how fast the world rotates recently, well, yes, it is already September! And when the “Ber” months arrive, ‘tis the season to make way for the King of Philippine Christmas carols and humorous memes, Jose Mari Chan!

Jose Mari Chan-memes during the Christmas season is such a game-changer to our Christmas celebrations. I bet, no one would go against me if I say so. Jampacked humor with overflowing wit and absurdly comedic approach are yearly brought to us by these memes.

As we welcome ‘Ber’ months, brace yourselves for the non-stop occurrence of a daily dose of memes of Jose Mari Chan. Below are my five most favorite memes that I recently came across by just randomly browsing my social media:

Just warming up before I invade your feed again

Photo Credit: Brian Jay Agripa | Facebook

People can’t get enough of the hype of Jose Mari Chan’s memes. In fact, as early as August, memes to hype up the season already conquered the way. How funny this meme goes like Jose Mari Chan is stretching his joints to come fully prepared as he welcomes the ‘Ber’ months to give a good laugh for many Filipinos.

The only man I await to catch at my window staring

Photo Credit: Note. | Facebook

This funny meme I found on Facebook took my breath away for a good damn laugh. To tease everyone with the trend, Jose Mari Chan staring at the window pane just hits differently!

Laugh it off, Team Single!

Photo Credit: Tee Radio | Facebook

All the single individuals out there were probably found guilty after seeing this meme. Attacking them with this hilarious meme will surely remind them of their single status. Members of Samahan ng malalamig ang Pasko would enter the scene once more with this funny take.

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Chan Wick: the unstoppable ‘ber’ month meme king

Photo Credit: Malakas | Facebook

Invading the movie scene took the meme to another level! In this John Wick film in 2014 wherein Jose Mari Chan was on the movie poster. Edited smoothly as it could, Chan replaced the movie star Keannu Reeves for the quick-witted meme.

Jose Mari Chan of all season

Photo Credit: Unofficial: Vice Ganda | Facebook

This type of meme right here never goes ‘waley’ for me! It is just funny how meme kings have collided in a single frame. The sudden arrival of the phenomenal paranormal expert Ed Caluag and Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua just gave a wittingly humorous kind of meme. Also, the way Chan was present multiple times for months in a row was something really hilarious!

Just as mind-blowing as it sounds, yes, Jose Mari Chan conquered the prosperous Christmas culture of us Filipinos. I bet; Christmas season will never be the same without those good laughs brought to us by these funny unending memes!

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