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Filipino Movies That Will Make You Feel More Patriotic

Filipino Movies That Will Make You Feel More Patriotic

Have you ever watched a movie and felt completely called to action because of the heart-rending stories? Filipino movies are influential and persuasive enough to make you feel the same, especially historical films. The Philippines has a rich history to look back on and its cinema industry never failed to show the narratives from the past.

Filipino Movies That Will Make You Feel More Patriotic

Watching certain Filipino films that reveal the archives of renowned and forgotten people from the past is always a win.

#1 Heneral Luna

Most history books didn’t pay attention to General Luna’s name and life, whereas this film focuses on. This movie depicts Heneral Luna as the fiercest commander in the revolutionary army, who was eager to risk all for the sake of the country’s independence from colonization. It also details how he began his career and how his pride and rage led to his assassination. 

#2 Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

If you can’t get enough of Heneral Luna and its storyline, you should watch Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. This film depicts the second encounter during the Filipino-American war, which occurred shortly after Luna’s death. Compared to Heneral Luna, this movie focuses on the young general’s life realizations and how they affected him as a leader. 

#3 Quezon’s Game

Politics sliced through history? Quezon’s Game said yes. In 1938, Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon opened the country to rescue Jewish refugees, which is a little-known chapter of the Philippines’ history. This film details the country’s integrity and accomplishments. 

#4 El Presidente

This movie is a historical biopic, which showed the memoir of the first Philippine President. El Presidente depicts the rise and fall of the first President.

#5 Dekada ’70

Dekada ‘70 is a heartwarming story that presents some Philippine Constitutional Laws. This film coveys different kinds of love: one’s love for self, family, and nation. It also tells the story of how social classes work in the tyranny of the government.  

#6 Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

There’s always a question of who’s the better hero, Rizal or Bonifacio? But there should be no competition as Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo tells us. This historical action movie is giving light to the story of Andres Bonifacio as a leader. It is a relatively short movie with interesting scenes and characters. 

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#7 Supremo

Here’s another biopic of Andres Bonifacio. It showcases the old Tagalog language and fascinating narratives about Filipino heritage. Supremo runs a story depicting Filipinos betraying Bonifacio and exhibits the concepts of the authority of power. 

#8 Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal narrates the life of the national hero. It highlights Rizal’s writings and how he struggles at the hands of the Spanish government. This movie is a perfect portrayal in honor of Jose Rizal, as it shows his sacrifices for the country.

#9 Bayaning 3rd World  

Unlike the other historical movies or biopic films, Bayaning 3rd World is not the kind of movie that most people are expecting to see. It’s a documentary and a movie in one. It tells how it is hard to make a movie about the national hero, Jose Rizal. It also criticizes and delivers humor in the story.

#10 Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis

You can watch this in one sitting or for multiple viewings, this last one is a marathon film. Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis or Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery is an eight-hour-long movie that shows two narratives about a series of people. It’s a historical movie with bizarre fantasy elements.

What’s your favorite Filipino movie so far?

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