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DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL: How to Stop Taking Things Personally

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL: How to Stop Taking Things Personally

It is in the nature of people to take things personally and it comes for a variety of reasons. We take things in a personal manner because we feel like our attitude, competence and character were being attacked. Indeed, we cannot manipulate things that people throw against us, but we can definitely control our reactions toward them.

Judgments and side comments about our lives suddenly became a natural phenomenon. Given that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some people tend to cross the line which made us think about it several times. There were times in which we cannot help but take things negatively and personally, which is certainly an unhealthy habit.

It was quite a challenge to ignore people’s thoughts and criticisms against us. So, we have come up with some steps to help you stop taking things personally:

Appreciate yourself more

Plain and simple, appreciate yourself more. We people have a high tendency of taking things personally if we have a low appreciation towards ourselves. The appreciation should start within us given that it is a huge factor in how we perceive thoughts from other people. Also, if we highly appreciate ourselves then whatever words would be thrown at us will not matter that much.

Stop jumping to conclusions

There were times when overthinking could cause harm to us people. I myself would be guilty about it given that I also overthink a lot. But, gathering more sensible experience would certainly teach us lessons about how important it is not to jump to conclusions. If we learn this kind of magic then everything would go at ease, respectively.

Be more reasonable of yourself

More than any person, you should know yourself better, of course. You know your worth and limitations and being reasonable with yourself could help you lessen taking things personally. Simple gestures such as not putting yourself on the line could be of huge help. It would be hard, but the result would keep you amused.

Directly ask questions

If something bothers you a lot and causes you to think so much, asking the person directly would not cause you any harm. In fact, with this gesture, you would be able to clear the air as early as you can. Because, still, you will never know such insights if you will not initiate to open up and ask.

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The power of minding your own business

As easy and as comprehensive as it sounds, just mind your own business. Keeping yourself busy would not allow you to accept those thoughts being thrown within you. It is like closing your doors to their judgment and focusing more on what life requires you to do. In this manner, the criticisms will not bug you at all.

Get out of the main character’s zone

People usually take things personally because they think that they are always the center of commotions. But sometimes this characteristic becomes really unhealthy. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings arise when people assume things that were not really meant for them.

Focus on your passion more

Nothing could be more fascinating than the thought of yourself being able to do what you love. Focusing more on improving your passion would take you a lot of time. With this, whatever other people may throw against them would be invisible. You will attain a pleasant and healthy state of mind and won’t be able to take things personally.

You are not what other people think of you! With these simple steps, you will be able to get out of that ‘taking things personally’ zone.

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