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Designer Chynna Mamawal urges everyone to find their purpose this pandemic

Designer Chynna Mamawal urges everyone to find their purpose this pandemic

This global pandemic makes us rethink life — at some point, motivating people to reflect, change, and grow. Searching for ways to make a difference seems to be a natural human response when we face adversity. This explains why some people are stepping up and contribute something to our land’s healing. This scenario is putting us on a path toward purpose, and acknowledging the problem should be our first step.

Breakdowns precede breakthroughs — always remember that.

A Talk With Chynna Mamawal

In an exclusive interview, we had the chance to talk to local fashion designer and entrepreneur Chynna Mamawal about finding our purpose in this time of pandemic. This 27-year-old woman speaks empowerment and hope in this time of crisis. She always believes that our micro-efforts in helping our communities will eventually create macro-effect to our nation’s well-being.

Chynna acknowledges the efforts of our frontliners and the dangers that come with it. She expressed her sentiments regarding the current situation of  our medical workers who are battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

She started a project to support our medical frontliners by producing PPEs and distribute them among healthcare workers whose hospitals and clinics are in short supply. As of this writing, she has already produced 1, 850 PPES, 1,500 face shields, and 500 washable face masks, serving more than 80+ hospitals in the Philippines and in abroad.

“Actually it started as group of designers helping each other to produce the best kind of non-medical grade PPEs together with doctors. But due to ECQ we all had to do the fabrications on our own.”


Using certain types of fabrics that are approved by the Department of Health, her passionate and hardworking team caught the attention of people including her friends in the industry and started donating for the cause.

As she adjusts to the limitations brought by the ECQ, she paved the way for extra income to others dealing with this situation.

“As a fashion designer living in the new normal, I help the community by supplying the essential needs of people in protecting themselves like masks, PPEs, face shields and the likes. And as I’ve mentioned, through our humble project, I help people have income during this difficult times.”

Frontliners are heroes

Chynna strongly believes that every frontliner is a modern day hero. She wants to extend her gratitude for their valuable service.

“I want them to know that they’re not alone and we’re all on this together. My humble team will do our best to protect them by providing them with quality medical supplies.”

“I just hope that these personalized PPEs will somehow boost their morale while fighting in this invisible war,” she added. She is working with her brother’s business, Endeavor Embroidery, to personalize each PPE suit by putting names on it.

According to her, the biggest lesson she learned in this crisis was to always see the good no matter how hard and seemingly impossible it is. As a part of the industry which has become one of the most affected fields in this time of global chaos, Chynna still chooses to see the brighter side of things.

“Find ways to create opportunities, create, and adapt. It doesn’t matter in essence, everyone is equal, everyone is finding their purpose, re-evaluating themselves.”

Fashion has always been fast-paced. In this ‘new normal,’ Chynna shared how she and her team are adjusting to its evolving industry.

“I think right now, when people buy, it’s more of quality over quantity. Everyone is really affected by this pandemic. More or less, we are gonna start from scratch again.”

The plan is, for Chynna, is to be prepared. More than ever, she is weighing things as she values the people around her more.

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