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From push up bras to cone bras: What’s new with lingerie?

From push up bras to cone bras: What’s new with lingerie?

Lingerie used to have a reputation of pandering to male fantasy. However, as time progresses, women can now use lingerie as a liberating idea to proudly show off their bodies and express their sexuality. Facing a dramatic shift, many turned away from push-up bras to ones that reflect cultural attitudes on diversity, body positivity, and even gender fluidity.

The beauty and sexiness behind a lingerie brand.

Social norms defining beauty and sexiness change over the years. Lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret who stuck to the same playbook started to lose a large number of their customers to their competitors. Their rival lingerie brands also feature models with different body types, skin colors, and gender identity.

Of course, they won a hefty number of the market due to their inclusive marketing strategy. If a company had the reputation of fuelling transphobia and fat-shaming, their sales would go down as quick as they could say the word ‘lingerie.’ When a brand puts more emphasis on making its consumers feel good about themselves, sales would surely rocket through the roof.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty is a perfect example of a new brand that remains inclusive to all. She cast models in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Aside from that, she also designed every lingerie to make its wearer feel comfortable and sexy, portraying the real female beauty.

What’s new with lingerie?

Today’s new visual language speaks volumes. Lingerie is no longer something one wears but it also increases the focus on diversity and natural beauty. It exudes empowerment in different looks and inspirations.

Unapologetic sensuality.

Lingerie has the ability to empower its wearer. With intricate details, it also shows off raw and unapologetic sensuality. It feels like it remains constructed to contour one’s body with delicate straps holding and creating the dynamics of the whole garment.

Body positivity

It has been repeated over and over again. Lingerie could promote body positivity as we are used to seeing the “chosen size and chosen proportion” to cut pattern blocks. It also displays that a woman’s body can be beautiful and sensual just as they are with or without modifications.


Representation remains a huge variable as we caution that images will never be enough. Of course, this only meant that imagery changed mental health for young impressionable people.

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