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Dad becomes merman for daughter’s birthday shoot

Dad becomes merman for daughter’s birthday shoot

It’s easy to be a father but it takes a lot to be a Dad, Papa, Tatay, Ama, or Erpat. Meet Neil Anthony Grana, a dad from Agusan del Norte who transformed into a merman to make her daughter happy.

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Neil reveals that his wife is pregnant so he volunteers to wear the costume

According to a GMA news report, Neil’s wife was supposed to wear the outfit. However, since his wife is pregnant he then agreed to wear the costume.

“Buntis kasi yung misis ko kaya ‘di niya pwedeng suotin ‘yung mermaid kaya nag-volunteer nalang ako. Ang sikip non kasi medyo mataba ako lalo na yung nakaupo kami. Hindi na ako huminga.”

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Moreover, her wife Ayen Alpuerto-Grana revealed that Neil was hesitant at first. But since it will make her daughter happy he gave it a go. Neil’s daughter Angel’s favorite cartoon was “Little Mermaid.” Even before the photoshoot, they already informed Angel about their plan. That made Angel become more excited and tried the costumes at home.

Furthermore, Ayen shared it on social media and now garnered 2.1K reactions with 3.6K shares.

“A Father’s Love ❤️❤️ Super excited c Solenn ky cla mg twinning sa iya Tatay, walay mabuhat ang Tatay ky gusto sa Ate ug Sugo ni Baby 😅🤣🤣 Happy ang Nanay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
(A Father’s Love. Solenn is super excited to be twinning with her dad. Since Solenn wants it, Daddy has no choice)
Neil runs their Lechon business “Angel’s Lechon,” while Ayen works as a nurse.
Our Dad, Papa, Tatay, Ama, Erpat, or what you are used to calling them will always try to do their best to make us happy. Neil feels delighted to have shown that he will do anything for his daughter. He might be a strong contender for “Best Dad” if such an award exists.
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