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‘Collapsed’ man in viral video is actually a drunk Korean man

‘Collapsed’ man in viral video is actually a drunk Korean man


Fake news alert! A video of a collapsed man on a sidewalk in Manila went viral last Saturday morning. Rumour suspected that the man is Chinese who may have been infected with novel coronavirus (nCoV). However, it turned out to be a a drunk Korean.

Manila Police District Station 5 reported that the man in the video is actually a 27-year-old Korean living in Paranaque.

Chief Station Lt. Col. Ariel Caramoan reported that the man went to their station to inform them that he was surprised with the online posts. He also clarified that he is not infected by nCoV.

“(The Korean national) disclosed that in the uploaded video, he was asleep due to drunkenness,” Ermita Police Station said.

In the video, the Korean was seen lying on the sidewalk along Taft Avenue, Remedios Street in Ermita. In fact, it went viral as the Facebook user described the man as suspected Chinese.

“Ermita Police Station Commander Police Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Caramoan… said [the man] personally appeared at the police station and informed them that he was ‘surprised’ that there were photos and videos of him showing that he may have been infected by the virus,” it said in a Facebook post.

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