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South Korean grants visa-free travel for Filipinos starting 2020

South Korean grants visa-free travel for Filipinos starting 2020


This 2020, Filipinos may visit South Korea visa-free!

In a report of a South Korean news agency, the country announced a set of policy measures to aid the downscale economy of the regional provinces – and one of these policies is a new visa program.

This will allow visa-free foreigners from Southeast Asia to visit the country. This will also permit them a 3-day stay at South Korean regional airports. However, there is sill no official list of airports. This may include Busan, Jeju, Yayang County, Muan and Cheongju.

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This may be effective next year for all the Filipino passport holders along with Vietnamese and Indonesians.

The government also plans to build public transport that will connect the regional airports to the country’s major tourist spots. They also plans new flight routes from the the three countries to its regional airport.

In the current case of our Filipino travelers, the visa-free is still inaccessible since there is no direct flight from Manila to Jeju Island – where visa-free entry is available.

The said plan were settled last Thursday during the “government meeting on strategies” with Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon with the other ministers.

Filipinos and South Koreans Relationship

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Philippine Ambassador to Korea Noe Albano Wong announced last month that he will be pushing this project for Filipino to be able to visit the country visa-free.

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Meanwhile, in a report of, the South Korean Ambassador to Philippines Han Dong-Man stressed that this may be passed if there is a decrease of number of illegal immigrants.

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Koreans are the top-ranking tourists in the Philippines with over 93,000 Koreans living in the Philippines.

This visa-free policy will surely strengthen the bond between Korea and Philippines!

Photo appeared as Featured Image from Korea Tourism Organization
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