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Bianca Gonzalez has a message to body shamers on social media

Bianca Gonzalez has a message to body shamers on social media


Let’s face it, we live in an era where everyone thinks that our body types define our worth in this world— being lean and slender as the ideal image of beauty. Hence, people think it won’t impair you to describe your slim body shape and make it a starting thread of talks.  In fact, TV host Bianca Gonzalez is one of the victims of skinny-shaming on social media. Yes, your read it right — sadly, skinny shaming is a thing, too. In her Instagram post, showing her support to her home network after the immediate shutdown imposed by National Telcommunication Commission, some netizens left awful comments about her body figure.


Of course, Bianca called out her bashers, saying that criticizing someone’s physical appearance is such a low act.

“Not sure what is worse: being fat-shamed or being skinny-shamed. Kapag itsura mo na ang tinitira nila, maawa ka nalang sa kanila. Kasi humantong na sila sa ganung kababang lebel para lang sa’yo,” she wrote.


On the other hand, Bianca showed her appreciation to some netizens who are respectful towards her body figure.

Sa lahat ng mga nag-komento na maayos at may respeto, agree man o hindi sa post, sana’y dumami pa ang tulad ninyo,” she wrote.


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