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Bianca Gonzalez asks netizens to “not call this ‘martial law'”

Bianca Gonzalez asks netizens to “not call this ‘martial law'”


Apparently, the term ‘Martial Law’ trended in social media after the government announced an 8 p.m to 5 p.m curfew on the first day of the community quarantine for Metro Manila. The said resolution aims to “limit non-essential movement during the month-long community quarantine.”

In an article published on CNN Philippines, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Jojo Garcia clarified that they “will not arrest those who will be seen outside, but will just be advised to go home.

Of course, some netizens assumed that this is ‘low-key’ Martial Law.

Scrolling through your social media feed, you can see netizens’ mixed reactions regarding this matter — and one of them is TV host and social media influencer Bianca Gonzalez.

In her series of tweets, she also asked her followers to cooperate with the government, and stop saying that this is a martial law. She further explained that the hysteria only “creates more fear than there already is…”

Read Bianca Gonzalez series of tweets below:

On the other hand, Bianca asked all government officials to be patient in answering all the questions from netizens.

Fellow citizens, let us trust in our government and follow the measures by which we can all help contain this situation and see its end soonest. Government officials, kindly be patient with all our questions and explain in a calm, clear manner. Tulungan tayong lahat.

A kind and respectful request to friends to not call this “martial law”, it creates more fear than there already is.. This is what we all have to do to keep the numbers at its lowest possible. And aminin natin may pagkapasaway tayo, sa pila, sa traffic rules, sa true lang.

“Let’s just all cooperate, nothing else we can do. Personally, I feel the government did this at the right time, habang konting cases pa lang. Look at Italy and the US where numbers spiked up. It’s all for our good…”

Last Thursday, March 12, President Rodrigo Duterte placed entire Metro Manila under community quarantine. Of course, this is done in efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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