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Jenny Ramp celebrates the noble carabao for her Miss Earth National Costume

Jenny Ramp celebrates the noble carabao for her Miss Earth National Costume

This year, Miss Earth is really emphasizing on its call for animal conservation and protection through the theme ‘ME loves Fauna’. This can be seen not only in their pre-pageant activities but also in the candidate’s national costume.

From birds to felines, these animals are utilized not just as sources of inspiration but also as symbols of their nation. For her national costume, Jenny Ramp embodies a true Filipino icon.

Designed by Nereku, she dresses up as the trusted companion of every hardworking farmer—The Philippine Carabao.

From the Field to the Global Stage

Naming it The Kneeling Carabao, the costume reflects on the annually celebrated Carabao Festival. Bursting with colors coming from different textile and accessories, the piece highlights the Carabaos very well.

In an Instagram post, Jenny explains the nature of the festival, stating that

The Carabao Festival is celebrated in various provinces while in some, they celebrate the Kneeling Carabao Festival. The festival is celebrated by towns and municipalities whose patron saint is San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. The feast is to honor both San Isidro and the Carabaos.

Furthermore, she also tells how carabaos are significant to our country.

The carabao is a species water buffalo found in Southeast Asian countries, like the Philippines. It has a special place in Filipino culture, symbolizing hard work and perseverance, traits that are dear to people of the Filipino heritage. It is in this reason that the carabao is a symbolic animal to Filipinos.

As a treat to the fans, you can help Jenny secure a win for best national costume. Just head on over to Miss Earth’s official social media and check their post for the mechanics.

With a few online activities left in store, the contestants will finally make their descent to The Philippines. Continuing with the competition through physical activities, it’s definitely an exciting edition to watch.

The much-awaited finals will take place on November 29, live from Okada Manila.

An ode well executed, kudos to Jenny, Nereku, and to the rest of her team for pulling off such a beautiful costume!

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