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INSTAGRAM RAID: Obsessed with Bretman Rock and his Film Photos!

INSTAGRAM RAID: Obsessed with Bretman Rock and his Film Photos!

Bretman Rock – also known as the singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the side, the star crystal of the day, coconut water connoisseur, and MTV reality star, shares his latest obsession on Instagram: film photos.

The Filipino-American social media star residing in Hawaii rose to fame last 2015 for his makeup tutorials. However, he has stopped creating makeup content a little while back.

Aside from this, Bretman is known for his hilarious video content. He uploads videos on YouTube showing his daily life on the island and regularly posts stories on Instagram. With 8.86M subscribers on YouTube, the influencer also has a massive following on Instagram with 17.9M followers.

In one of his recent Instagram posts, he mentioned how he enjoys taking film photos. Indeed, we spotted a couple of posts in his feed that stands out.

Going Vintage!

Bretman Rock posted multiple photos of him clad in just light blue denim jeans and retro shades, with a caption,

“I’ve been having so much fun taking film photos lately.. 🎞 it makes something I did yesterday look like I did it 30 years ago.. even though I was just a nut 🥜 it also just makes me feel like I’m [on] vacation In my own home lol”

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A post shared by Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock (@bretmanrock)

In the comment section, a user asked what film camera he uses, in which he replied that the grainy photos are shot on Olympus Pen EE2 while the sharper pictures are on Leica M6.

Bretman in the 90s

Similarly, he sported another classic look with the slicked-back hair, the rimless sunglasses, and the green zip-up jacket. Look at us in the eye and tell us this does not look straight out of the 90s!

Furthermore, the shot seems like something you can find in a photo album that has been stored for years. Talk about nostalgia!

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A post shared by Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock (@bretmanrock)

Dreamy Fairy

Now, this is what we call a masterpiece. Night flash photos are usually a hit-or-miss, but Bretman is still serving looks!

In the photo, Bretman has his calves submerged in water while he has shimmering wings and elf ears attached. Without a doubt, Bretman makes a stunning fairy.

Old School Bretman

Of course, the old-school look is on our list. Bretman here is effortlessly donning a snapback and a baseball tee.

Taken on a disposable camera, we love how this photo seems so casual yet aesthetic. Additionally, the haze effect and grain make the image almost feel like an old memory.

Cool, cool, cool!

Though other film shots were giving off a 90s vibe, this appears as it belongs to the 2000s era as it is sharper and crisp. Moreover, the trucker hat perfectly ties everything off!

Below, you can see that Bretman flaunts a tattoo he got inked on his hip.

Seeing Bretman Rock never failing to find a new hobby and always enjoying himself helps us stay motivated too!

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