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ATOMM Studios, Philippines’ First-Ever Self-Photo Studio

ATOMM Studios, Philippines’ First-Ever Self-Photo Studio

ATOMM Studios, the Philippines’ first self-shooting studio, has finally opened to the public in Metro Manila, allowing people to take fun and quality photos at their own pace!

ATOMM Studios
Photos by Thea Panaguiton

If you’re a fan of all things Korean, you’re probably aware of their self-shoot studios, and we finally have one here in the Philippines.

We enjoy whipping out our phones’ selfie cameras to preserve the fun and happy memories. It also puts us in control and allows us to capture moments at our own pace.

But every now and then, we’d like it to come in high-quality snaps. With ATOMM Studios, we no longer have to worry about not having a professional camera and photographer.

ATOMM Studios

ATOMM Studios is a space where you can unreservedly and confidently take your own photos.

You get to make memories freely without having to worry about being self-conscious about posing in front of other people.

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It’s also a nice way to spend quality time with family and friends while having a great time at the studio and capturing it in photographs.

Pet-Friendly Space

Not only can you bring your family and friends, but your fur babies are welcome too!

That’s right! It’s every fur parent’s photoshoot dream come true!

About the Aesthetic Interior

Photos by Thea Panaguiton

It comes as no surprise that the studio’s interiors are so warm, inviting, and cozy.

The ATOMM Studios team tapped Studio Sui, led by Architect Eila Ronquillo, according to an interview with Preview. “We all wanted this space to be clean, light, warm, and comfortable,” one of the founding partners of ATOMM Studios, Josh Buizon explains.

Their team envisioned a Japanese/Zen-inspired interior design, which they were able to achieve thanks to Architect Elia.

“We gave her our thoughts and inspirations, and she basically took it from there, and we are so proud and happy with what she was able to do with the space,” Josh goes on to say.

ATOMM Studios’ Rates

Package A (PHP700)

  • 2 pax
  • 15 mins photoshoot with white background
  • 15 mins photo selection
  • 1 pc single photo print (6×4 postcard)
  • 2 pcs grid print
  • 5 digital copies

Package B (PHP650)

  • 2 pax
  • 15 mins photoshoot with white background
  • 15 mins photo selection
  • 5 digital copies
  • no print

Package C (PHP1200)

  • 2 pax
  • 30 mins photoshoot
  • 15 min photo selection
  • 10 digital copies
  • 2 pcs single photo print (6×4/postcard)
  • 4 pcs grid print
  • Multiple background selection (brown, pink, white)


  • Each additional pax (for groups beyond 2 pax, max. of 7) – PHP250
  • Each additional pet (1st pet is free! Max. of 2 pets per session) – PHP150
  • 4R photo – PHP50
  • Korean photo card – PHP50
  • Photo grid – PHP50
  • Video/edit reel (10-15s) – PHP999
  • All raw photos – PHP400
  • Additional background color (Pink or Brown) – PHP100

With ATOMM Studios’ affordable package rates, you can now take fun studio photos and be your own crew.

Book your slot here: https://atommstudios.youcanbookme.com/

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