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What it takes to be the only thorn among the roses in a circle of friends

What it takes to be the only thorn among the roses in a circle of friends

To be the only thorn among the roses might be sort of embarrassing for others, but never in my case. For me, girls will always be the best people to share the simplest things of life with.

In the aspect of making friends, my personal preference falls under choosing girls over boys as my circle of friends. Ever since I was a kid, I find it more comfortable to deal with girls than with boys. I am a shy type kind of guy and I always have a hard time initiating even a single conversation with anyone. This leads to my turning point of sticking around with girls often for I find ease and comfort in conversing with them more.

Being surrounded by girls as my companion feels a lot of relief on my end. I am able to bring out the best in myself and be courageously confident about myself. As the only thorn among the roses for as long as I can remember, led me to various learnings and realizations.

My personal experience being the only thorn among the roses

I rarely make guy friends. I had some before, but those people are not whom I treat my constants. People at school during elementary, high school, and even during college, would really see me hanging out with girls more often. In this case, I have not freed myself from judgment and criticism.

Nevertheless, below is the list of what it really takes to be the only thorn among the roses in a circle of friends.

Trusted Photographer

Whenever I hang out with friends, the assignment of being the OG photographer would fall all on my shoulder. I am fascinated with the thought that my friends are my subject even with randomly taken photos. Also, seeing the genuine smiles of my girls would certainly perpetuate and draw smiles to my face as well. Taking their majestic pictures will always be a pleasure for me.

Orders food for the gang

Another assignment I totally got used to doing is ordering food whenever we eat anywhere. My simple gesture of serving them as I could always gratify my deeds being the only guy in the circle.

Patiently waits for a full-force CR break

Girls will always be girls. Being with them for more than a decade left me asking why was it necessary for them to go all together in the comfort rooms at the same time. Well, I got used to it, too. A moment of being alone at the table for an instance will not bother me anyways.

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Learns the girly jargon

I talk to them every day so the way they talk would influence me a lot. Some of them would utter ‘gay lingo’ and that would make me discover it too. There are even times wherein I ask them about a specific term and they would just laugh at me about it. After days, my friends would treat it as normal if I speak the same language as they do. They even find it satisfying to be able to influence me though, as if they had a serious ‘mission accomplished.’

Cooks food while the rest chats

For so many times that I got to share the moments with them, we hang out at each other’s house a lot. And, regardless of who will be hosting the gang’s house visitation, I often initiate cooking for them. Making their stomachs full also became an obligation for me. Meanwhile, in the other circle I have, some of them would do things for me more often, and I am not complaining about it.

First-person at the meeting places

More often than not, I see to it to come first at our meeting places. I always feel the urge of waiting for them than to make them wait for me even for a minute or two. I exude efforts to be at our meeting places first. Me being late or making them wait would make me feel a lot guilty about it.

Have you caught the vibe? We all have the freedom to choose the group of friends with whom we want to enjoy life. Making friends should be genderless, so go ahead and make as many as you want!

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