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Alden Richards is a certified ‘Money Heist’ fan

Alden Richards is a certified ‘Money Heist’ fan


Just less than a week after its Season 4 worldwide release, Spanish crime thriller Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has been consistently on top of Netflix Philippines Top 10 List. The said TV series has generated a huge following among Filipinos — and one of them is Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards.

Alden as certified fan boy

In an Instagram post, he posted fan art featuring his photo alongside the Salvador Dali mask and iconic red jumpsuit.

Money Heist got me really good,” Alden wrote in his caption.


The crime drama series Money Heist revolves around a group of master thieves as it breaks in a number of key Spanish buildings.

Alex Pina, Money Heist creator, clarified that it is not based on a real story.

In his interview way back 2018 with DramaQuarterly.com which covers international television drama shows, recalled how he and one of the show’s writers, Esther Martinez Lobato, wanted to create a fictional but believable drama.

“With all these flashbacks, we wanted to tell the story and make it authentic, with lots of action and events one after the other, twists and turns.”

However, he pointed out that the characters are not based on specific individuals.

Manila in Money Heist

Money Heist Season 4 introduced the new character of Manila, played by Spanish actor Belen Cuesta. She was first seen in S3 as one of the hostages during the heist on the Royal Bank of Spain. However, she was revealed to be an undercover agent for the Professor’s gang-recruited by her godfather Moscow. She was enlisted to blend in with the hostages, ratting them out to the robbers if they had any plans to rebel.

Netflix/Money Heist

Manila is the first-ever transgender character in the series. However, this has caused controversy among fans around the globe. Some were not happy seeing a cisgender woman playing a role a transgender woman.


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