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OPINION: Top 15 Annoying Movie Characters I Would Love To Punch In The Face

OPINION: Top 15 Annoying Movie Characters I Would Love To Punch In The Face

As a movie enthusiast, I happily criticize the characters in films — their personalities, beliefs, motivations, and the way they are developed. Although, some movie characters do not need a serious analysis as they only meant to impress the audience. However, some of them would just really annoy me to the point that I finally want to physically hurt them. KIDD!


Here are fifteen annoying movie characters I would love to punch in the face:

# 15 Troy and Garbriella in High School Musical

Sharpay Evans should have been the star of that musical. Since she was in kindergarten, she would work hard just to be the star of a show. She had the qualities, the talent, and the prowess to be one. AND TROY AND GABRIELLA JUST STOLE IT FROM HER! Sharpay and Ryan, as a duo, were better than Troy and Gabriella.

Photo from Disney

The other students would always label her as the bad guy because he liked Troy and wanted the main role in the plays. Of course, she would make horrible mistakes. She’s a high school student, for crying out loud. Sharpay may be dramatic but all Gabriella did was cause drama while Troy enables her!

Photo from Disney

# 14 Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games series

Oh, Peeta. He was only able to survive the Hunger Games because viewers sympathized with his young love. He just threw such storyline in the world’s lap during his interview with Caesar. Yeah, okay, he deserves a pat on the back for playing the game well. If I were to choose between Peeta or Gale? I would choose Gale. He actually has a healthy fight in him and became her real-life partner in taking care of their own families.

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Did we even know how he plans to survive during the first movie? No, he was planning to wait until everyone starved to death. He doesn’t have enough balls to actually decide on killing one of his competition. Then, he gets injured to the point that he had to depend on Katniss the whole movie. Even when the game master decided that Peeta and Katniss would have to kill each other just to have one winner, he volunteered to kill himself just for her to win. Where is the balls, Peeta?


If we thought that he was a pain in the ass in the first movie, the second one just showed him as a huge liability. He volunteered to go back in the games and Katniss would have been fine without him. He zapped himself on the forcefield, he kept falling over, and even has to be saved from evil monkeys! Maggie had to sacrifice her frail self just so Finnick could pick Peeta up from his fall. Katniss had to literally beg a devastated Finnick to keep on going. If he wasn’t there, Maggie would have died a better death.

Photo from Lionsgate

# 13 Danny Zuko in Grease

I’m pretty sure Danny never intended to see Sandy again after they “fell in love” at the beach. When Sandy asked if it was the end, he said “It’s only the beginning” like the lying fuckboy he truly is. Then, he goes back to school and his stupid friends ask him about his summer fling. They also asked if he got into her pants and Danny was happy to oblige with the “horny details.” Ew!

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Sandy even runs away crying for several times because of how a jerk he really is. After all of this goes down, we get a full song of how his “pussy wagon” will make the “chicks cream.” When they go to the dance, it seems like everything was okay and normal. However, he goes on and dance to another girl which humiliates Sandy publicly yet again!


He tries to give her a half-assed apology, luring her to a drive-in movie. He gives her his ring which apparently shows his respect. In fact, he doesn’t respect her and goes full-on problematic asshole as he force himself on her. She physically removed herself from the situation and threw his garbage ring back to him. Unfortunately, Danny always end up with Sandy even though he did the bare minimum. Ugh!

Photo from Paramount Pictures

# 12 Julianne Porter in My Bestfriend’s Wedding

As much as I love Julia Roberts, her annoying movie character absolutely sucks! She friend-zoned an amazing for years and now that he has finally moved on, she finally wants him back. Julianne just wants Michael because she can’t have him! Of course, she doesn’t mind hurting an innocent Kimmy because her title as the “perfect girl” is being attacked.

Photo from Tri Star Pictures

Julianne did her absolute best to sabotage Michael and Kimmy’s wedding. The wedding finally arrives and that’s the only moment she chose to finally confess her feelings. Then, he asks him to choose her, to marry her, and let her make him happy. She ruined his wedding and why would that make him want her? Thank goodness, they didn’t end up together.

Photo from Tri Star Pictures

# 11 Annie in Bridesmaids

Again, another good actress but an annoying movie character! All she did the entire movie is whine and complain about her own problems— her extremely fixable problems! Instead of actually fixing them, she bitches about it. She became a bridesmaidzilla, channeling a hysterical banshee. She is so selfish and didn’t even care if she hurt her best friend’s feelings. Annie remains cynical, tired, and world-weary.

Photo from Universal Pictures

#10 Prince Hans in Frozen

Should I even explain why Prince Hans is such an annoying movie character? I didn’t even know that I would include an animated character in this list. He had that typically annoying Disney habit of being dashingly handsome while being utterly useless. Annoyingly smug with his awful sideburns, he turned the sisters against each other.

Photo from Disney

He sang a song about sandwiches which isn’t exactly Maleficent-level manace. Hans became annoying because no one ever saw him as a villain. He left Anna to die, was going to kill Elsa, and conquer the whole Arendelle as his. Thank goodness, Anna decked him in the face.

Photo from Disney

#9 Sierra Burgess in Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Yep, she is a loser. At first, it seemed to have a heartwarming message of body positivity but it just left viewers uncomfortable and angry. Jamey and Sierra’s relationship should have started and ended with her saying wrong number. But no, she decided to catfish him and make him think as if she’s someone else.

While Sierra is catfishing Jamey, Veronica is trying to win her college boyfriend back. When Jamey leaned in to kiss Veronica, the latter had no choice but to reciprocate it. When Sierra saw, she decided to hack into Veronica’s Instagram and expose her private messages. Not only is that a serious privacy violation she also intended to maliciously her her “friend.”

Photo from Netflix

Another thing that made Sierra an annoying movie character? She kissed Jamey without his consent. It’s borderline sexual assault that made her a manipulative piece of shit. Although Sierra and Veronica laughs about it afterwards, it left viewers feeling serious uneasy. Ew.

This may be the one thing that pushed me to the edge: Sierra pretended to be deaf so she can continue tricking Jamey. This just made me think that more deaf actors and representation needs to happen. ASL inclusion in films will be a plus! Pretending to be deaf is not okay and I can’t even stress that enough.

Photo from Netflix

#8 Noah in The Notebook

Noah is a total creep. There, I said it. Although an amazing movie, it just showcased how horrible he truly is. He was a stalker who liked the way a girl looked on a carnival ride. Then, he spends the rest of his life pining over her despite not appreciating anything else about her. He basically blackmailed Allie into going on a date with him! She politely declines his overtures and he follows her onto a ferris wheel, dangling from the ride with one hand. He even threatened to slip unless she goes on a date with him, forcing her to say yes.

Photo from New Line Cinema

Noah never got over their summer fling and even slept with her even though she was already taken! Noah-less, Allie volunteered as a nurse’s aids and meets Lon who asked her to go out without being threatened to do so. They had a relationship filled with mutual respect, admiration, and fondness for one another. With Noah, they rarely agreed on anything. This made Allie confuse security with boredom and a scream-fest with passion. Ugh!

Photo from New Line Cinema

# 7 Nate in The Devil Wears Prada

Nate is such an annoying movie character! Why make your girlfriend choose between her career and your relationship? He is whiny, annoying, and held Andy back from her true potential to become a girl boss. He was so scared that she’ll leave him behind as she works in a job that a million girls would kill for.

Photo from 20th Century Fox

Initially he loved Andy’s sexy knee high boots and lacy lingerie… but only when he was in a mood for a little sexy time. Then, he continues to say something about her clothes just to tear her down. He was so annoyed when she had to work late and missed his birthday party. What are you? A four-year-old little girl? Instead of being supportive, he made her feel guilty.

Photo from 20th Century Fox

#6 Cal in Titanic

He’s a manipulative son-of-a-bitch who slapped Rose, bribed the crew to let him get on the lifeboat, and claims an abandoned child was his just to save himself. Need I say more?

Photo from 20th Century Fox

# 5 Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

She made the lives of all the students in the primary school miserable. Ruthless and tyrannical, she tortured students estimated at the age of six to fourteen years old. She instilled fear in them that would probably cause mental health issues in them. Although she despised children, she chose a profession devoted to them.

Photo from Tri Star Pictures

Of course, her profession just  allowed her to subject the students to punishments that include a secret cupboard with glass and nails stick out. Who locks schoolchildren in closets or swings them using their pigtails? She is such an annoying movie character and she truly deserves a punch in the face for giving those kids a horrible school experience.

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# 4 Regina George in Mean Girls

Regina became an annoying movie character when we were shown how controlling, deceiving, belittling, and mean she really is. She knows her capability of doing everything in her power to get whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Commonly referred as the queen bee, she wasn’t the typical high school bully. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to be with her.

Photo from Paramount Pictures

She controls people with two things: her sex appeal and the insecurity of others. She mastered making girls feel inferior, and used her superiority over them. Regina may be fabulous, but she’s evil. She toyed with two guys both at the same time and every student in her school became a victim of her schemes.

Photo from Paramount Pictures

# 3 Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in Twilight series

I loved Twilight and there are parts that I still do. However, I can’t seem to remove the fact that the two main leads may be the most annoying movie couples of all time. Let’s start with Bella, a wee little girl who always gets into a lot of weird situations. While she may argue that she wants to keep those she loves safe, she just drops everything without fully grasping why she is being punished for such decisions.

Bella never worries how weird her relationship with Edward is. By the way, he is a 109-year-old vampire who emotionally abused her, leading her into such a toxic and super controlling relationship. She led Jacob on after Edward left her, causing his poor heart to be broken. When the creepy vampire comes back, she leaves him like a plastic bag to the wind. He didn’t deserve that.

# 2 Martin in Love, Simon

There have been some very evil characters throughout the movie history. But they didn’t have the guts to become the greatest movie villain of all time in the shape of the most annoying movie character (who doesn’t have superpowers) ever— Martin Addison. At first, he doesn’t seem all that intimidating. Throughout the whole film, he commits truly heinous acts. He hacks our protagonist’s e-mail account, reads his e-mails, blackmails him, commits the most embarrassing piece of public display of affection, and outs Simon just so everyone could forget about what he did.

As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I was blessed to come out in the way that I wanted to. However, Simon never did. Yes, he apologized but coming out was a big thing to everyone in the community. If someone wants to remain in the closet, they will be there as long as they want. Nobody has the right to out them. They decide when, where, who can know and how they will reveal their own orientation. That is supposed to be their thing… and Martin took that away from Simon.

# 1 Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter series

There have been some very evil characters throughout the movie history. But they didn’t have the guts to become the greatest movie villain of all time in the shape of the most annoying movie character (who has powers) ever— DOLORES FUCKING UMBRIDGE. I have never wanted to punch a hole in a fictional person’s face ever. I hate her so much. She is so much worse than Voldemort who is actually evil and the main bad guy of the whole series.

Umbridge evokes a deep visceral response that felt difficult to explain. Want to know why? Because she feels familiar. Nearly everyone has had one teacher who they just hated with such a passion because of a ton of reasons. Umbridge is the sole representation of all of that. She is unfair, will punish a student for no reason, refused to heart any point of view other than her own, and seems to exist just to make one’s day even more harder. She is so easy to hate and I wished Hermione would have punched her guts out before the centaurs carry her to who-knows-where.

Did I miss any annoying movie character? Tell me more about it on the comment section below!

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