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ALAMAT teases on upcoming mini-album with a lead single, ‘Say U Love Me’

ALAMAT teases on upcoming mini-album with a lead single, ‘Say U Love Me’


Seemingly committed to spoiling Magiliws with more surprises, ALAMAT gives a taste of their upcoming mini-album through a lead single, “Say U Love Me.

Composed of Alas, Jao, MO, R-Ji, Tomas, and Taneo, ALAMAT not long ago disclosed the plan to launch a mini-album this 2022. In fact, it was a wish granted for fans who supported every act’s single― starting from their debut kbye to the most recent Sa Panaginip Na Lang.

Now, as if the excitement for their much-awaited extended play (EP) is not intense enough, the sextet is stirring more twists on the plot! Just last July 07, ALAMAT released their newest Visayan-Pop (Vis-Pop) song, Say U Love Me.

Compared to their previous tracks, Say U Love Me is the group’s exploration of the R&B genre. While romantic, the song tackles a relationship between two people falling out of love. On the other hand, the members dance to a subtly sultry choreography.

To date, the Say U Love Me official music video uploaded on YouTube is close to reaching 100k views. On its premiere, the hashtag #ALAMATSayULoveMeMV also emerged as the most talked about topic on Twitter. Meanwhile, positive responses to this new music piece are non-stop.

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Aside from the MV, fans can look forward to a couple more things ALAMAT revealed. These include a reel on their making process, an official dance practice video, and a dance version of the MV.

So, have you watched ALAMAT’s Say U Love Me yet? If not, stream it here!

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