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A peek inside North Luzon’s Enchanted Cave

A peek inside North Luzon’s Enchanted Cave

Enchanted Dave

Looking for a cool and unique experience? North Luzon’s Enchanted Cave may be the best spot for you.

A peek inside North Luzon’s Enchanted Cave

Located at Bolinao, Pangasinan, this sparkling clear emerald freshwater inside an underground cave system awaits those who crave a relaxing adventure. Found at the heart of a manmade jungle-like resort park, this natural underground pool reaches up to nine feet in depth and remains spacious enough to accommodate a number of people.

Photo from Diana Dominguez

To get to the cave, you will venture into the resort where wildlife animals will greet you upon entry. Access to the pool goes through an underground tunnel where safety hats are also provided to prevent accidents while entering the cave.

Life vests are also provided so no need to fret for those who cannot swim but still want to experience this unique underground pool. They also have safety ropes inside for additional support. The pool may be a little dim-lit in some areas but the clear water makes the lights reflect and become brighter.

This refreshing freshwater pool is great for bonding and relaxation. The spacious sparkling pool is best for family and group adventures as it doesn’t get crowded. You may even have the entire place all to yourself if you’re lucky! The temperature is at the perfect level, too. Kids are also allowed in the pool for free, with adult supervision, of course.

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The entrance fee is very affordable too! For only 250 pesos per head, you can already experience the underground cave’s spectacular charm along with other amenities inside the resort such as manmade pools – perfect for those who may not do well in closed areas. The entire resort looks Instagram-worthy. So, worry not because your aesthetic IG feed will be well-fed. #TravelGoals.

Beach resorts also surround the region of Pangasinan just near the cave, perfect for jam-packed travel itineraries.

One of the many great white sand beaches nearby is Patar White Sand Beach. Just a few minutes drive from the Enchanted Cave. This beach has clean and refreshing saltwater, with endless trails of great waves perfect for those who may want some adrenaline-rushing activities. And the best part is that there are no entrance fees to this beautiful white sand beach – talk about having a priceless experience!

Patar White Sand Beach | Photo from Diana Dominguez

Vacations don’t have to be expensive to be special. It’s always the memories that we want to collect. You don’t have to wait for summer to go beachin’ so don’t forget to add these wonderful tourist spots in the North to your travel bucket list!

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