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A list of K-Pop songs you can enjoy on Christmas day!

A list of K-Pop songs you can enjoy on Christmas day!

The K-Pop genre is diverse. Feeling happy? There’s a K-Pop song you can dance to. Want to be alone? There’s a K-Pop song that can accompany you. Stuck in a traffic jam? There’s a K-Pop song you can listen to defy boredom. There is a perfect K-Pop song for you in every situation. It also applies to seasons, especially Christmas. Hence, there are K-Pop Christmas songs that you can love during this time!

Regardless if the song may deliver an upbeat vibe or even a gloomy feeling; it will still deliver a great interpretation of the Christmas spirit. As music connects the singers to the listeners despite the language barrier, it is undeniable that we can also listen to K-Pop Christmas songs even if we are actual fans of any K-Pop groups. 

So here are some of the K-POP Christmas songs that you can add to your playlist to listen to on Christmas! 

Beautiful Christmas by Red Velvet x aespa

The song of Red Velvet and aespa is one of the best collaborations happening in 2022. It is indeed a great Beautiful Christmas gift to a reveluv (Red Velvet’s official fandom name) and a my (aespa’s official fandom name.) The song shows a great combination of outstanding vocals, mesmerizing visuals, pastel-theme music video, and upbeat music. Go give it a listen and as the girls say in the song – everybody come have yourself a beautiful Christmas! 

The First Snow by EXO

This winter song which was released in 2013 never gets old. You’ll know that Christmas is near when you see the First Snow by EXO climbing up on the Korean music charts as this is one of the group’s winter songs that are loved by the general public. It’s actually like Korean music listeners whipping out their playlists to play this song on the first day of snowfall. People love it due to its heavenly vocals and Christmas-like feelings (even though the lyrics are kind of heartbreaking.) So why don’t you listen to it to experience it too? 

Merry and Happy by TWICE

This is TWICE that we are talking about; of course, they deliver catchy and cheerful music. Merry and Happy is a special winter song that you can dance to even though you are not a once (Twice’s official fandom name.) This may become your favorite K-POP Christmas song; what do you think? 

So Beautiful by SF9

Listening to So Beautiful by SF9 makes you feel that every day is a Christmas day. The uplifting song accompanied by the melodious vocals of the members makes it enjoyable to listen to. Don’t be shy, add it to your playlist now. 

Dear Santa by TTS

There’s no way that Dear Santa by Girls’ Generation sub-unit, TTS, is not included in the list when we are talking about Christmas-themed K-POP songs. The beautiful ballad at the beginning of the song and the smooth transition to a more lively beat is the reason why this song is timeless. And their harmony? Chef’s kiss. Listen to it if you have not yet! 

Christmassy by The Boyz

The Boyz came to give a perfect Christmas spirit to our ears with Christmassy. The fun high school-themed song is incorporated with holiday vibes and the melodious voices of each member. Even if you are not a deobi (The Boyz’ official fandom name), the song will be stapled onto your heart!

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Snowy Night by Billlie

The song indeed gave fresh air to K-POP when Snowy Night by Billlie was released during the Christmas season. The group has its unique lore and, amazingly, they related a winter song to it. The song’s intro and jazz progression give nostalgia to our memories of holidays when we were younger. You will probably agree after listening to it! 

Christmas EveL by Stray Kids

Who said Christmas songs can’t be in a combination of high notes and jaw-dropping raps? Christmas EveL by Stray Kids is indeed different from the first mentioned songs. Christmas does not have to be calm since sometimes, it’s okay to break a sweat in the cold weather of Christmas!

Funky Glitter Christmas by NMIXX

Another lit Christmas song is on the list as we unwrap Funky Glitter Christmas by NMIXX! The girl group never failed to show their unique and addictive charm, as well as their great vocals. This song might be different from the group’s concept but I am sure that it is worth adding to our Christmas playlist! 

Do you feel the Christmas spirit by listening to these K-POP songs? There are a number of other K-POP Christmas songs that you can discover on various platforms. Add them to your playlist, have them played on repeat, and enjoy the Christmas spirit. 모두 즐거운 크리스마스 되세요! (Merry Christmas everyone!) 

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