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5 Filipino LGBTQIA+ themed movies you should watch

5 Filipino LGBTQIA+ themed movies you should watch

Throughout time, movies that revolve around love and friendship have always shone on-screen. This, then, would only usually focus on two people of opposite genders. However, as we progress in time, different content and original stories begin to emerge. Directors and writers also start to experiment with different genres and themes that don’t just focus on two characters of the opposite sex. In the current generation, on the other hand, people have started to accept plots that focus on the LGBTQIA+ community.

Although conservative Filipinos still don’t agree with seeing them on-screen, the current generation doesn’t seem too unbothered by these types of themes. In fact, they celebrate it. That’s why filmmakers have started to absorb this idea and create movies based on love and friendship between individuals of the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride may have long been over, but the hype around these movies certainly continues.

5 Filipino LGBTQIA+ themed movies you should watch

Si Chedeng at Si Apple (2017) — comedy movie about widows

Starring Gloria Diaz and Elizabeth Opresa, Si Chedeng at si Apple came under the direction of Fatrick Tabada and Rae Red. The film revolves around Chedeng (Diaz) and Apple (Opresa). Chedeng comes out as a lesbian at 66 years old after her husband’s death. Throughout the film, she is accompanied by her best friend Apple, a woman who beheaded her live-in partner out of rage. Overall, the film is funny. It’s also filled with adventure as Chedeng finds her ex-lover with her best friend Apple carrying her partner’s head in a bag.

Rainbow’s Sunset (2018) — a coming-out story of a father

Starring Eddie Garcia and Tony Mabesa, this 2018 movie is an acclaimed must-watch. Under the direction of Joel Lamangan, Rainbow’s Sunset is a Filipino family drama. The film began with the story of Ramon (Garcia) coming out as a senior to take care of his lover, Fredo (Mabesa), who has cancer. Not only does this film tackle the hardship of being a senior gay, but it also shows how difficult it is to keep your family together and hold out for love.

2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2016) — a coming-of-age movie with a dark theme

Starring Khalil Ramos, Ethan Salvador, and Jameson Blake, 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten remained under the direction of Petersen Vargas. The film focuses on Felix (Ramos), an introverted high school student who meets the Snyder brothers, Magnus (Salvador) and Maxim (Blake). Of course, this isn’t your typical movie as he discovers his sexual awakening while discovering the Snyder’s darkest history.

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Mamu; And a Mother too (2018) — transgender mother raising a transgender kid

The hard work of parents in films reflect in real life. The movie stars Iyah Mina and EJ Jallorina. Under the direction of Rod Singh, the 2018 film uniquely focuses on a transgender being a mother to a transgender orphan. Mamu; And a Mother too revolves around a sex worker Mamu (Mina) who has been trying to work hard for her boob implants. Aside from that, she also works hard to be a parent to her orphaned niece Bona (Jallorina). The movie tells a unique story of the hardships of being a parent, being transgender, and being a sex worker.

Metamorphosis (2019) — an intersex protagonist

Metamorphosis comes under the direction of J.E. Tiglao. Starring Gold Aceron, he portrays a person born with both genitals of a man and a woman. Although a rare instance, it truly is a story that needs to be told. The movie revolves around the plot of Adam’s hermaphroditism and how difficult it was for them to be raised as both a man and a woman. Throughout the movie, they start their metamorphosis journey as they identify their authentic self.

Movies don’t always need to follow a structured plot that heavily focuses on two characters of the opposite sexes. Filmmaking has become a ground where people can create fresh stories, introduce new ideas, and break the norm. Therefore, it allows us to appreciate such stories and build a constant understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community. And, as a film enthusiast, I hope you always choose to learn and open your mind to changes.

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