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4 Pinoy phrases with smart-shaming undertones

4 Pinoy phrases with smart-shaming undertones

As the nation ranks low in IQ and reading comprehension in various studies, Filipinos are notorious for smart-shaming. Just look at how we respond to the news online. It is almost every day that I encounter threads and posts laughing at how Filipino netizens misinterpret things online just because they are not reading. And when someone corrects mistakes online of the other, expect mockery and deflection. Some will even use religion or accuse you of belittling just to avoid correction.

I laugh, but afterward, my heart breaks. Because I know, this anti-intellectual culture has consequences we will not like to see.

I do not even wonder anymore why there is a slight surge in COVID cases. Do you know why? I often see adults share fake news about COVID online and in personal conversations. Some even belittle doctors and journalists for telling hard truths about COVID-19. They say that it’s all manufactured base on the videos they watch online. What is sad is that pastors and religious leaders propagate it to convince people not to get their vaccines. The same goes for some celebrities and politicians who spread conspiracy theories and false medications.

Pinoy phrases with smart-shaming undertones

Edi, wow! (smart-shaming)

This is the most stupid response to correction. While everyone has the right to believe what they want to, realities do not care whether we believe them or not.

A corrupt politician does not care whether we have the right information in mind as long as people vote for them COVID-19 and other diseases do not care if we believe these diseases are real too. Once the consequences kick in, can we still say, “Edi wow!”?

Parehas lang ‘yun! (hasty generalization)

This often happens with confusing concepts. Let us use COVID-19 again. One of its symptoms is flu-like symptoms. To Filipinos, it’s nothing. This is why they often dismiss COVID as flu and worry about it no more. And sadly Filipinos always fall for it, because it’s simpler to understand and absorb than complex facts.

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Hindi yan! (false positivity)

When facts are too negative, Pinoys tend to laugh it off. Why? We only think of positive things. As they say, good vibes lang! Sadly these also bear consequences. Sicknesses lead to terminal ones. We vote for the wrong people. We spend money carelessly. What if we mess up in the end? Hindi yan!

Ikaw na matalino! (Ad Hominem)

When the argument is done, and no facts nor deflections can defeat the truth that a Pinoy lost it, one will not concede. One will not shake your hand and acknowledge their mistakes. They will just stick their tongue out, spit and say “Edi ikaw na matalino!

I often correct people but now, I am fed up already of arguing with the wind. As part of self-care, I do not engage anymore with foolish people and do not debate with them, especially if they say these things.

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