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Ways to keep your “sanity”

Ways to keep your “sanity”

Our sanity may have been the last thing we considered protecting, but it should be the other way around! For almost two years, we have been battling against COVID-19 which claimed many lives and disabled many opportunities. I am one, and there are many of us!

Here are some simple ways that will help you keep your sanity intact.

Perhaps a lot of people are, maybe, in-denial with how they really feel and it is okay because we are human beings. Hence, we are vulnerable to what is happening out there and how we react to things. Above all, keeping our sanity is our priority.

Though, this may vary depending on your experience and what will really work for you. Your sanity may require different apporach however let’s take a look at with these three simple ways.

1. FINDING YOUR PURPOSE is the first step to gain what you feel you are loosing. Reading books can keep your mind from reimagining things and will surely help in gaining or developing your sanity. A book about food, travel, and documentaries can be a good start, but this will also matter with your level of interest. A good fashion book can be perfect for people who love fashion and or an inspirational book by inspiring authors around the world.

Oftentimes, it is a matter of re-evaluating your strength, abilities, and passion. The answer can be around the order.


2. TO REFLECT is another way to help yourself keep sanity on track. Therefore, look at the happy things and events that made you proud. Try to remember the best time of your life and replicate them in the best possible way. Don’t limit yourself and be resourceful.

  • Outdoor activities with your siblings or friends can be a good one to consider. Mountain hiking, montain clmbing or perhaps a dip in the pool too are to consider.
  • If you are fond of cooking, this can be the answer too! Prepare the best dish that everyone can enjoy at breakfast, lunch or maybe dinner.
  • Reading books is a great one to consider, but this can require more concentration and less interaction but it can be a good thing.
  • DIY art is another way to allow your mind to think of something innovative.
  • Movie night with the family is the best way to end the night.

3. HOLD YOUR MOMENTUM. Perhaps this might be a little challenge for some. All of us might lose the grip, for an instance. However, this changes the game in a long run.


Keeping your daily routine can be a little bragging but there’s always a good side of doing the same thing over and over again.

Whatever the things you do to protect your sanity are all valid, especially if it is making you feel happy and boost your internal peace.

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However, doing things a little extra with your regular routine is definitely the key.

There are many ways in keeping your sanity intact. It is a matter of knowing your capabilities. Setting goals at a desirable time and your own pace will be a guide.

How about you? How do you keep your sanity?

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