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10 Phum Viphurit Songs That Give All the Feels

10 Phum Viphurit Songs That Give All the Feels

Manchild, Bangkok Balter Club, and The Greng Jai Piece! A walkthrough on the sound of Phum Viphurit, our ingenious resident indie artist who will make you cave into more mellow music.

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If the solace of afternoon blues is a person, that could probably be in the facet of Phum Viphurit. Holding his dear guitar in its distinct rainbow-colored strap. Likewise, in his music, where he captivates listeners with soul-hitting production and storytelling, Phum’s ambiguous artistry comes hand-in-hand with his songwriting.

To get a grasp of Songbird’s promising masterpieces, let me share to you this list:

10 Phum Viphurit Songs That Give All the Feels

Long Gone

Manifesting better days? With Phum Viphurit’s mood-setter song, Long Gone, you’ll surely be just fine!

The track’s melody encapsulates Phum’s imminence by perfecting the alternative sound. Astonishingly acclaimed by most of his unique listeners the song paved its way to the Internet by storm. Being Long Gone is one of his most prominent releases for his first album Manchild.

Lover Boy

Displaying such warmth of smiles in the music video, Tawinan Kumdokrab finds out what summer love truly is. Lover Boy is a single that serves the crooner of Sunshine Siritip.

This 2018 hit remains as Phum’s front runner of a track to people just discovering his music. A successful opener to one’s palette of basically what’s to come off his discography so far.

A literal world pause! That’s down to hyperbole but to some indie-folk enthusiasts, it really is a powerful release.

“Darling, I got my trust issues, warning you stay away,” is just so clear and infectious as if those lyrics explain and call you out both at the same time.


Gluing the entire debut record is Beg! With elevating tunes of neo-soul for everyone that’s craving more of Phum Viphurit’s storytelling genius! This is to all that venturing off an escape of love, reality, and maybe self-loathe.

Although we could essentially reflect on the profoundness of the song, its blues is what made it talk. And if you’re someone that is up to channeling a whole persona out of a song, Beg is definitely for you to repeat on a loop.

Healing House

He did it again, people! Another of Songbird’s singles who will fix and somehow fissure you from the inside out.

Healing House is a great foreteller. It provides the vision that will be for Phum Viphurit’s anticipated second album, The Greng Jai Piece.

As he announced in early July, the LP will be released fully sometime the latter days of 2022.

This song is kind of reassuring the pessimistic that was once us. A culmination of all volatile emotions finding their way back to frailty.

It feels like a tap on the shoulder so sublime it gives hope of healing, though in song form and not of therapy.

Strangers In A Dream

Some listeners treasure good music for a reason. Well, if it speaks volumes like Strangers In A Dream it will prolly be a whole lot different animal. This is one of Phum Viphurit’s dreamy tracks that hook the audience in its pop-indie elements.

From the song’s distinct intro, crowds sing along every time Phum plays it on tour! The upbeat melody alone cruises listeners to the haze of letting go of someone freely. Even if you’re currently not in a mere relationship at all!

Hello Anxiety

Take a fun turn off the typical cynics by making it groovy and that clever engineering at the beginning! Hello Anxiety is a true gift to all Phum Viphurit fans as it is a reliable companion in trying times.

Honest and witty, the kick drums highlight the track. The guitar-heavy sound also jibes the very alternative sonic elements that are present. This also supplements the inventive sequences in the music video.

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The Art of Detaching One’s Heart

This melody would literally bawl your eyes out, The Art of Detaching One’s Heart is one for history books. It is laced with something that is genuine as expected for a mellow track.

Phum Viphurit fits the tone of Jenny & the Scallywags! Sure, their harmonies is what seals the deal.

What a magnificent gem this song will bring to any of your all-night playlists.

Softly Spoken

Clearly a nostalgic serenity of a song! Softly Spoken owns the heartfelt direction that is subtle for the inventive indie record. It embraces listeners with a pristine sound that reaches out to the vulnerable in us.

So real and demure in nature. We can all agree Phum Viphurit has a thing for making a story mirroring easy to gauge human emotions. Ones we even don’t want anyone to know and reflect about.

Paper Throne

Music amplifies what is cannot be expressed as it resides down the thin line of pure and ravishes emotions. Again, Phum outdid his tracks with Paper Throne’s message.

This singlehandedly became the top-notch song that had ever been released by him. Just like what most of Sunshine Siritip’s listeners say, those tidy converse grounds it to successfully be a crybaby staple.

Temple Fair

More on to his sophomore album sound with Temple Fair, his second single for the long play! If it will be described in a single word: remnant, that would be it! This is very Phum Viphurit sounding but also not? He wins me on this one for being a grower.

It impacted so many moods after listening, some weren’t even in my vocabulary to label with. He just made listeners shambles as that sometimes and we love Phum for that.

Support Phum Viphurit’s first two singles, Healing House and Temple Fair for his upcoming record The Greng Jai Piece. Don’t forget to name some of your likings from this list!

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