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Why I Believe Qian Kun Is ‘That’ Ideal Guy in NCT

Why I Believe Qian Kun Is ‘That’ Ideal Guy in NCT

NCT is a K-Pop group, divided into four sub-units, with the ‘infinite members’ concept and continuous addition until today. It is pretty unusual for an idol group to contain such an enormous amount, which makes NCT’s brand stand out. Of course, more members mean more biases to choose from. However, I believe among all of the talented NCT members, one of them’s a great contender as that ideal guy.

His name is Qian Kun — WayV’s leader, singer-songwriter, producer, composer, and many more. It is well-known inside the fandom that Kun is a total package. And never fails to surprise Czennies with his strong points that just keep on adding to the list.

Here are some traits and talents that Qian Kun excels at!

He is an amazing main vocalist

As one of the powerhouse vocals in NCT, Kun certainly showcases his sweet, angelic voice at every opportunity. His genuine love for music is endearing to watch. Sometimes, it is hard to believe how much this man puts 101% into his craft.

YouTube | How Do You Sleep? Cover

He composes, arranges, and produces

This year is probably one of Kun’s greatest highlights throughout his career. None other than song credits as a producer, writer, synthesizer, programmer, arranger, composer, and vocalist on NCT U Rain Day. Not only did he participate in this station, but so much more from their past albums and song covers. Would you believe me if I said music is a part of his hobby? Qian Kun, that’s so sexy of you!

YouTube | Dream Launch Special A Cappella Cover

He can play a variety of instruments

Aside from his rich vocals, Kun can also play instruments like the piano, guitar, and seaboard. His outstanding ability for the piano can be heard in NCT Kun, and Chenle’s cover of, free love by HONNE. And again, recognized for his musical brilliance!

Additionally, Kun learned how to play the violin only for a while. Despite this, he still has the hands for tuning a perfect violin. This guy is so musically gifted! I bet if you gave him a week to master another instrument, he’d undoubtedly learn it in no time.

Photo | Canva

He is a reliable gege who cooks

In WayV’s dorms, Kun for sure holds the role of the responsible big brother. This includes him taking care of his members and cooking meals for the whole. Oh~ to have a gege like Kun! It must be nice living in the dorms if you have someone like him to protect you!

Photo | Canva

He edits his own vlogs

‘Kun’s Cloud’ is a series of Kun’s own vlogs from [WayV-log] that he, himself, edits during his free time. He puts together the interesting videos he captures into a vlog, some including his daily adventures. It’s amazing how this guy has a lot of time to spare. Even as a full-time idol, he lets his fans see his different side through his videos.

Photo | WayV Youtube Channel

He is a degree holder

Kun graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy with a degree in Pop Vocal Performance in 2018. He continues to serve as an inspiration to the Czennies, where the majority of the fans are still studying. If Kun can achieve his diploma while juggling tasks as an idol and student, then I’m sure Czennies can too!

Photo | Beiyin Graduation Ceremony 2018

He can do magic tricks

When I got to know NCT better, one of the unforgettable members for me was Kun. No bias — it is mainly thanks to his magic tricks. Albeit being aware of magicians’ hidden tricks, seeing an idol do it is something unusual and cool to see. This is one of his biggest charms, I believe!

Photo | Canva

He can fly a plane

I swear this man is full of ambitions! How the heck could he accomplish something grand like flying a plane?! I am starting to believe Kun’s not an ordinary human being, for he’s taking his skills higher than the clouds! In a parallel universe, he probably isn’t Idol Kun, but Captain Qian.

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YouTube | Being a Pilot

He has a certified skydiving license

His love and interest in aerial activities just keep on going after seeing him achieve a skydiving license. So far, he is the only K-Pop idol with said credentials. I have so much respect for this man; his casual activities really amaze me every time I see his updates.

YouTube | Sky diving Ep.1

He can drift race cars

Kun’s driving skills are not only proven up in the sky but also on land — including drifting race cars! Yep, you heard it right! He’s also great at driving his fans crazy!

Instagram | kun11xd

His face card never declines

A visual full of numerous abilities, what more can you ask for? While I necessarily believe no human being is born perfect, I might think otherwise after seeing him then. God surely has favorites for a certain being named Qian Kun.

Instagram | kun11xd

This guy is the ideal standard

At this point, what can Qian Kun not do? He is literally an embodiment of boyfriend material that keeps on raising people’s standards. No wonder Czennies, definitely including me, are down bad for him!

Stanning an idol like Kun will lead you to a never-dull life in K-Pop. Every day feels like waking up to the mystery of knowing what his next hobby or achievement is. It is very exciting to follow an unpredictable man like Kun is. I am proud to say Qian Kun is part of my inspiration and that ideal guy I see in NCT. 

Is Kun close to your standards? How do you define your ideal type? Share with us in the comments below!

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