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Recommending five climactic songs for your next Instagram Reel!

Recommending five climactic songs for your next Instagram Reel!

Creating an Instagram Reel fulfills our desire to feel as if we’re the main character once in a while. It allows us to star in a personalized movie teaser of our own making. A Reel allows you to select your preferred time length because they make the full song available on the platform. With that said, you can use your favorite song in different videos. So, to my fellow resident IG users, let’s create our own tiny supercut using these montage-perfect songs on our list.

Recommending five climactic songs for your next Instagram Reel!

Supercut – Lorde

This song defined the technical filmmaking term, Supercut, passionately and poetically. In her Melodrama album, Lorde narrates an old flame as seen in flashes and mosaics of moments in a cinematic way. A film reel-esque vision, making it an awesome material for your Instagram reels showcasing your recent trip with your beloved ones. I recommend using the time stamps 0:39 and 2:50. The latter holds the climactic part suitable for your selected series of clips.

Between Days – Far Caspian

Joel Johnston or Far Caspain recorded the EP Between Days. It carries four tracks encapsulating a sentimental summer getaway. The opening title track grants its listeners a laid-back travel companion, led by bright guitars. I prefer using the time stamp 2:19 onwards for an Instagram Reel, where he sings “It’s hard to stay between these days. Retrace my steps back through the west.” ~ Yup, that’s where the perfect build-up lies seconds before the climax.

Shell Suite – Chad Valley

I was immediately enthralled as I heard Chad Valley‘s (originally Hugo Manuel) futuristic sound. I discovered this very track from watching the film adaptation of the YA book Warm Bodies penned by Isaac Marion. Shell Suite definitely fits your collection of video clips of roads. This comes as portrayed in the very film where the lady and zombie pair Julie and R drive across the runway of an abandoned airport with this song playing in the background. You might just be able to recreate this iconic car scene, even on a borrowed ride or public transportation. You really just have to hear the music for yourself. At 1:37 you will hear the perfect build-up before the chorus, whilst the climax sits around 2:08. Definitely perfect for an Instagram Reel!

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The Astronaut – Jin of BTS

BTS members sure never disappoint. And our eldest, Seokjin made sure we know how much he loves us ARMYs with his recent single The Astronaut. In writing the track, he sought the help of their buddies from the British band Coldplay to fulfill his agenda, before finally enlisting in the military. On October 28, 2022, fans finally heard the love letter enveloped in a music video donning a suburban-meets-intergalactic setting. Like magic, everything disappears when we are with our loved ones. “When I’m with you there is no one else. I get heaven to myself.” Honestly, just how sweet will your next Instagram Reel be while having this song as the background?

Last Forever – Echosmith 

Author behind the famous anthem Cool Kids, Echosmith transports us to a dream-like trance with their love song, Last Forever. All the choruses in this piece I also recommend as the time stamp. Yes, you’d get to feel that romantic slow dance three times. And every drum sequence prior to it mimics an inhale before they launch us into space. Production-wise, it is sparkling and ethereal. Perfect for your Instagram Reel!

You’re definitely ready to create your next Instagram Reel! Preserve your core memories and make them even more extra, exciting, and meaningful.

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