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5 Inspirational Barbie Songs to Fuel Your Courage

5 Inspirational Barbie Songs to Fuel Your Courage

You can be anything—according to Barbie’s slogan. This is demonstrated by the roughly about 40 Barbie movies released since 1987. Not only these movies but also their music showcase moving life lessons and inspirations. You might catch yourself jamming or dancing to Barbie songs, but they have much deeper meanings that are worth appreciating just as much as the melody. Catchy and inspirational, if you’re feeling down and in need of a source of courage, Barbie songs have it!

Here are 5 inspirational Barbie songs to fuel your courage

On Top of the World | Barbie: Princess Charm School

We’ve all felt like an outcast at least once in our lives in a world that’s progressing so fast. We’ve all felt untalented, or that we didn’t have what it takes to actually be someone. And honestly, some things feel impossible to accomplish with the way we see ourselves. This Barbie song talks about taking a leap of faith instead of being swallowed by these degrading thoughts. It’s a song with a melody sounding like a desperate and brave move to keep trying to reach one’s dreams.

Demo Project | YouTube

Light Up the World | Barbie: The Pearl Princess

The reason why we have this undying desire to go back to childhood is because of the feeling of safety and comfort. We have parents to feed us and keep us sheltered; it’s like our life has been set for us. Light Up the World is a song that resulted from Barbie’s courage to step out of her comfort zone to see the world. It’s a journey from thinking that being secured far from reality is best to realizing its beauty all because of bravery, and finally unveiling a whole new you.

Barbie | YouTube

What If I Shine | Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals

There’s no one more difficult to be an opponent than yourself. It’s much harder when you know you’re capable of doing something but can’t help but feel afraid. With everyone’s overwhelming pressure, you’d think that playing safe is best. This song’s lyrics list the negative what-ifs that most of us overthink, which ends with a positive one that outweighs the former. What if they judge you? Yeah, but what if you stand up proud and show them who you truly are?

BarbieMusicVideos | YouTube

Here I Am | Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you can take over the world? In a positive way. of course. This Barbie song expresses the feeling of being yourself unapologetically. It tells a story about dreaming and eventually finding yourself in that spot you’ve always wanted to be in. Being in that spot, you continue to dream high and be the person you want to be. Definitely, my favorite song to bang my head to when I want to feel confident and ambitious.

Barbie Roberts | YouTube

Shine | Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

Being at a point in your life where everything is experimental—not fun. You don’t know where to go, what to do next, or where you will be when the sun rises tomorrow. You just kind of live. Shine is a song from Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses whose main characters do ballet. As a reference, this song uses dancing as a metaphor for life’s journey. That you just need to take a step, and your own feet will guide you.

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“There’s a place you can go where your heart is free, there’s a rhythm that’s right for your soul.”

BarbieCollectors | YouTube

These are my go-to Barbie songs whenever I need a confidence boost or to uplift my spirit. They are deep and meaningful for a “kid’s show,” which I like. It’s just proof that as young as we were, there are shows with songs like these that try to influence us in good ways,

Which one is your favorite?

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