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10 Filipino Activewear Brands You Should Check Out!

10 Filipino Activewear Brands You Should Check Out!

Personally, comfort is all that matters to me when it comes to fitness. When I work out, I want to feel confident but above all, I want to be comfortable in whatever I am wearing. If you’re like me, investing in good activewear is a must. 

But, why should you invest in good activewear? For one, it boosts confidence. Just like every other piece of clothing, good and comfortable clothing help with making you feel good.

Aside from that, proper sports apparel actually improves performance. That’s why there are pieces of clothing banned from swimming. It decreases performance and might even be the cause of potential injury. 

If I have already encouraged you on investing in activewear, here are ten brands you should check out:

Andi Activewear

Misha Bernardino feels passionate about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. So, in 2018, she founded her own brand through Andi Activewear. The brand aims to bring women together through movement and recreation.

Future Relics

Future relics refer to people who continuously grow from past experiences. They live fully in the present moment; and create a better future. The brand strives to listen and create products that adapt and grow with its wearer. 

MillenX Activewear

MillenX promotes perpetual development and fashion innovation to empower and spark every member of society to rise to adversity while reaching their fullest potential. Proudly designed and produced in the Philippines, the brand has so many designs that you can check out. 


Birthed during the height of the pandemic, Recess empowers all movement that makes wearers feel good. They encourage wearers of their activewear to feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and et ceterally good. 

Lotus Activewear

Lotus Activewear uses only high-quality fabric and materials. Designed to become optimal for active lifestyles, their activewear contours, and moves with the wearer’s body. 

Bunny Bodies

Bunny Bodies ship worldwide. It aims to fill the gap for anyone searching for the perfect fit, the perfect design, the perfect texture, and the perfect feel. The brand also encourages wearers to embrace their individuality, their differences, and their voices. 

Pinch Fitness

Pinch Fitness caters to men and women. The brand has even produced its two-tone sets, supportive sports bra, and flex shorts among others. 

See Also

Shape Active

Shape Active is made to motivate wearers. Aside from being comfortable, they also look good. They have one-shoulder sports bras that anyone can wear even when they’re not working out. 


TheShapeShop offers flattering, functional, and versatile women’s clothing and everyday athleisure. They have thoughtfully designed their activewear to help the wearer do more with less. 


Have you ever seen those activewear skirts or dresses that have pockets but never bought them because they cost too much? Well, Sunnysix has got you covered. 

Which brands are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below.

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