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Coach Lyqa Maravilla Is Here to Help Us Get Hired

Coach Lyqa Maravilla Is Here to Help Us Get Hired

Applying for a job can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. Usually, you have to go through a bunch of assessments or initial screening in order to be qualified for the final interview. The last step is of course the hardest as it will dictate your fate in this whole ordeal. If you’re trying to get into offshore companies, your communication skills using the universal language will be tested. On top of the fear of messing with your English, you have to deliver a proficient answer. It is indeed challenging and can be quite stressful. 

Clearly, you cannot just rely on your luck and come unprepared. There’s no other way but to make an effort for a higher chance of being employed. Good thing, Coach Lyqa Maravilla of Get Hired Podcast is here to be your guide!

Photo from: Team Lyqa

Coach Lyqa has been making educational content on YouTube since 2015, with her first videos about the Civil Service Exam. Since then, she’s actively making review videos from college entrance exams to board exams. She got it all covered from study hacks, to English grammar, and Math problems. It’s impossible you haven’t seen at least one of her videos during your preparation to get into your dream school.

Get Hired!

To say that we’re lucky to see this kind of content for free is an understatement. Plus, it didn’t end with school-related videos as she continues to help us kick start our career through her podcast: Get Hired! Here, Coach Lyqa provides clear insights on how to answer interview questions, from the perspective of a Human Resources Manager. I’m sure you wouldn’t get bored as she explains everything in a manner that is easy to understand. Sure, we can simply look for answers on google but hers fit in the Filipino context and she also provides examples to penetrate well to her listeners.

Photo from: Podcast Network Asia

Aside from interview questions, Coach Lyqa tackles dilemmas you might encounter once you get hired. She gave advice on problems like having a bad boss or how to deal with stress. I’m telling you, she got it all covered!

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At present, there are so many content creators and online influencers out there. Each has their own forte and strategy to remain relevant in the online community. However, only a few dedicate their platform to teaching and helping people for free. The likes of Coach Lyqa is a breath of fresh air for all of us. May the knowledge that she shares instill in our minds all throughout our journey.

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