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Why the world needs Supergirl

Why the world needs Supergirl

Squeezing life and destiny is no easy job for all the heroes in the world of comics. Primarily if a female hero from DC Comics like Supergirl works tirelessly to protect National City. But in the real world, this famous fictitious protagonist represents a continuous battle against gender stereotypes.

Kara Zor-el, or Supergirl, the cousin of Superman, dons the same family sign in the comic world. With almost the same power as Clark Kent, she goes head-to-head against the younger Kryptonian. Although Kara shares the same abilities, her conquest in life reflected the war between inequalities in society.

Why the world needs Supergirl? A twist

Lois Lane, the partner of Clark Kent in the comic world, wrote the same essay saying, “Why the world needs Superman.” Because he contains unimaginable power, he shares fate with humans, a weakness, just in the form of Kryptonite. And Supergirl does not miss the same concept.

Leading the cast of the TV version of Supergirl is Melissa Benoist. Melissa plays Kara, an adopted child of a human family who later becomes a reporter for CatCo media. Supergirl displayed confidence and utmost curiosity throughout the series while trying to fit into the industry.

Representing a sense of belongingness, Kara Zor-el initially suffered from a lack of confidence. Her side job as a reporter leads the character to develop leadership within oneself. This particular life lesson must inspire women and all men to have a sense of leadership and integrity.

Kara’s Secret Identity

Undoubtedly, Kara shares the same technique as her cousin to hide her identity. The iconic eyeglasses hide a singular character against a dual belief that they are separated. Thus, these specs represent protection and a sense of readiness.

Whenever this Kryptonian family removes their eyeglasses, they embrace the role of being a hero. People should imitate this because not having the same tool does not mean a lack of capability. We will eventually lose something in life, but we must embrace our responsibilities.

The flight of Nationalism

Supergirl made feminine characters stronger. Despite this, CW’s Supergirl flight from 2015, ending in late 2021, impacted everyone. The heroic acts of Kara Zor-el indeed urge nationalism wherever we are on this planet.

Soaring the skies of a world outside her own became her sole responsibility. And as Supergirl patrols the planet in the comic world, our authorities and journalists conduct the same. Regardless of their gender, Supergirl breaks stereotypes of those who could be considered robust.

Unduly, Supergirl could easily dominate the world of illustrations. But in real life, our mothers could be our Supergirls. Why the world needs Supergirl needs no less statement that heroes do not need the power to be called one.

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