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Pokeu: Enjoy authentic Korean street food in the comfort of your home

Pokeu: Enjoy authentic Korean street food in the comfort of your home

Filipinos—without a doubt—love Korean culture. Our obsession with K-Dramas, Korean fashion and cosmetics, and their food are some of the proofs that we have welcomed this foreign lifestyle with open arms. During the quarantine, most of us have been binge-watching Korean series and before we know it, we’re just craving more Korean food and snacks!

Worry no more, sweethearts. We just found the perfect restaurant that will satisfy our Korean food cravings, and deliver right at your doorsteps! Pokeu, which means ‘fork’ in Korean, is an online food delivery business that offers authentic Korean street food dishes. In fact, what makes their food extra special is their authentic Korean Ingredients bringing you the ultimate Korean food experience.

Pokeu is owned by four young gentlemen who happened to have the same interest in building a food business. As the pandemic greatly affecting most of the livelihood, this difficult situation pushed them to find new ways to earn and to be productive while in quarantine. In these times of difficulty, Pokeu hopes to bring small joys by serving delicious and appetizing Korean dishes to every home. As of now, their menu offers Korean Street Toast, Inkigayo Sandwich, Korean Chicken Sandwich, Dakganjeong, Cheesy Honey Lemon, Honey Mayo Seaweed Gochujang.

Korean Chicken Sandwich

Korean Street Toast

Inkigayo Sandwich

Honey Mayo Seaweed Gochujang


Cheesy Honey Lemon

A Talk with Pokeu 

In an exclusive interview with one of its owners, John Michael Angelo, a training officer in a Korean restaurant company, he shared the story behind their business that started from the passion for food and cooking. 

John Michael Angelo

“I’ve been keeping all of my ideas and innovations since the first time I got a job, not in the kitchen but in front of the house as a service representative. I really wanna work inside the kitchen because being a chef is really my passion.”

With his years of working in a restaurant, John Michael took advantage of all of his learnings in handling operations and decided to put up his own Korean food business. Together with his brother Raven, who handles logistics, and his friends Kych and Rayan, who manage marketing, they started serving Korean food lovers in Metro Manila.

Raven Guerrero

Kych Minemoto

Rayan Cristales

On future plans and aspiring entreprenuers

Currently, Pokeu already has its first physical store — thanks to their investors and to the overwhelming support in their first month. 

“We have a lot of plans and goals especially opening more branches around manila and serving different street food concepts from around the world.” 

As a startup entrepreneur, John Michael had a first-hand experience of hardships, that’s why he wants to share with aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up and always find ways to new opportunities. Of course, patience, hard work, and faith are the key.

“Always think a problem as an opportunity to do something better and meaningful because, in life, we are just instruments of our dreams, so it is better to do something about what you really want to reach rather than dreaming and doing nothing.”

When asked about this favorite thing as an entrepreneur, John Michael said:

“One of the best aspects of being an entrepreneur is having an open-minded perspective and wide imagination not only in the business but also in a way of life.”

For orders, you can contact 0916-653-0488 or follow their official Facebook and Instagram pages. Pokeu also offers same-day delivery and catering services.

Order Pokeu now and enjoy the rest of the day with your family!


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