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Try this home-based online bread shop for a taste of something different

Try this home-based online bread shop for a taste of something different

Home-based online shops are the current trends of today’s commerce. TLIMS Bread & Coffee joins the hype and takes space in the market, aiming to offer something different. Business partners Ferchee Cortes and Maricel San Jose envision TLIMS as a hub for people from different walks of life; a go-to cafe where everyone can work, relax and chat while enjoying a great cup of coffee and bread.

No secrets

Ferchee and Maricel admit that there is indeed no secret or special ingredient to their recipes. On the other hand, the quality of their products is of utmost importance and something that they do not compromise. As a result, they receive positive feedback highlighting how good and generously made their products are. These include their bestseller – cinnamon rolls, ensaymada, banana bread, and chocolate, and walnut cookies. They have also recently introduced locally-grown coffee beans and ground coffee to their menu.


Take advantage of social media

TLIMS owners agree that starting a business is no easy task. However, the absence of a physical store should not hinder one from pursuing intentions especially in this age of technology. Taking from personal experience, Ferchee and Maricel prove that social media can be very helpful. For them, online presence helps them gain a solid base of customers which will be necessary for establishing on-location shops.


Ferchee and Maricel share with us what inspired their brand’s name, “TLIMS.” It is actually an abbreviation of the famous verse from Psalm 23, “The Lord is my shepherd.” It represents their strong faith to the Lord whom they solely depend on for providence and sustenance.


Bread and coffee lovers alike can purchase through their official social media accounts in Facebook and Instagram. They can also be reached through text or Viber at 09178665433. For bulk and/or corporate orders, you may email them at

They are currently on a pre-order basis. Breads are only available every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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