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We found a local bakeshop that caters all our bread cravings

We found a local bakeshop that caters all our bread cravings

Filipinos’ great love for bread started during the 333 years of Spanish colonial rule back in the 1500s to late 1890s. Since then, bread has become a huge part of the Filipino lifestyle, making it a staple food during breakfast and merienda. If the Philippines has an official national bread, it would be pandesal as it has always been the bread of choice of every Filipino household.

However, due to the community quarantine imposed by the government as a way to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, most of us can’t go out to buy freshly-baked pandesal from our favorite local bakeries. While some bakeries offer online delivery, we still crave the authentic soft and airy flour roll that is perfect with our morning hot drink. The good news is we found a local bakery shop that would cater to our bread needs and it offers same-day delivery for its customers in the metro. 

Bread For EveryJuan is a one-stop bakery shop

Located at Sierra Madre Streets, Mandaluyong City, Bread For EveryJuan is a one-stop bakery shop that makes more than 50 variants of bread and desserts on a daily basis. Some of their best-sellers are triple cheese donut, the popular ube-cheese pandesal, toasted siopao, and the classic pandesal. If you’re feeling a little fancy, you can also order their specialties like peanut butter cookies, crinkles, carrot cake, and banoffee pie. More than that, customers can expect new products every month. This shop definitely caters all our sweet tooth cravings at a very reasonable price.

Toasted Siopao

In an exclusive interview with one of the owners JJ Sta. Barbara, he talked about their business and their adjustments to the new normal. Aside from serving their neighbors and neighboring barangay, Bread For EveryJuan regularly supplies to several BPO companies and concessionaires in Metro Manila.

“Bread for EveryJuan is the trusted name of several BPOs  and concessionaires to provide them with fresh and delicious bread every day. It also serves the residents of Barangay Highway Hills and neighboring barangays with quality bread.



“We only release freshly baked goodies and we can do same day delivery. In addition, we can also accommodate bulk orders with one day lead time. We have enough staff to cater large scale orders.”

Ube Cheese Pandesal

Adapting to the new normal

With the strict implementation of the community quarantine, the bakeshop is left with no choice but to adapt to the new norm to cater their loyal customers. With its quality products and commendable customer service, the shop easily gained a huge amount of following in social media ⁠— thanks to the word-of-mouth tactic. 

“The bakery lost the majority of its clients whom we deliver on a daily basis. The first time the ECQ was announced, we immediately  transitioned our business model to an online platform as our daily clients slowly stopped operations.



“Bread for EveryJuan has successfully transitioned their business model to an online platform to rise above the effects of COVID-19  and slowly gaining a strong following from numerous customers and influencers.”

Customers can now buy their products through an online transaction and have it delivered straight right at their doorsteps. So if you find yourself craving for some freshly-baked goods while you’re working from home, Bread For EveryJuan is the perfect shop for you.

To those who also want to start their own business in the future, Mr. Sta. Barbara has something to say:

“Passion and hard work are the main keys. There would be ups and downs along the way but what will drive you to keep going is your passion with your brand. Always innovate and learn the needs of the market in order to be continuously relevant.”

To avail, you can place your order on FoodPanda or follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #breadforeveryjuan on your social media postings.


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