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Hey, Kelvin Miranda — what’s your secret recipe to success?

Hey, Kelvin Miranda — what’s your secret recipe to success?

Philippine showbiz has become a showcase arena for both prime and new artists — and every year, new names rise to the top. One of this generation’s promising stars is GMA Network’s Kelvin Miranda, who’s starting to captivate the hearts of many with his drop-dead looks, charming aura, and undeniable talents. He is the lead actor of the most talked-about television series today, The Lost Recipe. Indeed, stars could still be made overnight.

Kelvin is part of the new generation crop and he is the best bet to be the next big star. The one we should watch out for, Kelvin is a promising actor who should we keep on our radar.

I’m grateful because I’m getting this opportunity. There are so many good young actors out there. Having the opportunity to land the lead role in this highly anticipated series means a lot to me.”

Eager to make an impact and to showcase what he can offer, Kelvin said he challenges himself every time.

“During our taping, I’ve learned not to be complacent and to push myself to do better. I’m new and I want to prove myself. I’ve prepared so much for this role, studied really hard. We’ve had cooking lessons and it’s my first time to land a role as an executive, so I need to do research and to learn how to have a commanding presence.”

What is ‘Lost Recipe’ all about?

When asked to share what this series is all about, the young actor instantly lit up.

“I’m so excited about this series because we seldomly have a series that captures our culture.”

It’s a fusion of the past and the present as the lead actor character travels from the past. Filmed in Intramuros, it will make you fall in love once again with this historical walled city. Watching the first few episodes, I’ve had that swooning sensation as all the nostalgia flooded my senses as we witness the bygone yesteryears through this series. This evokes so much pride and a sense of nationalism as it highlights the beauty of the past so well. The series makes you realize how proud and rich our culture is as it shows the greatness of our culinary tradition.

“We’re so proud of this because it’s about our history, something that is new. We don’t have so many period dramas, though it’s not all about the past as he time travels. So it’s the past and the future.”

What have you learned about yourself?

I resonate with Harvey (my character) so well as he’s so determined and he works so hard as well. I’ve also learned to be focused and to be attentive to any details because everything matters. You need to give your heart and soul in every aspect.
I hope to inspire a lot of people in this series, that everything can be achieved if you work hard. You should have integrity and should not cheat because the only secret to success is hard work.

What should we expect from Kelvin?

The Entertainment industry has unmatched competitiveness. It’s like a gladiator arena wherein you just survive, get eaten alive, or perhaps win it all. With a handful of talented young stars, it’s so hard to get the attention of many.

“I feel so much pressure, sometimes I overthink and doubt myself but I take one step at a time, learning as much as I can”.
I don’t just want to be stereotyped as an actor who has good looks, I also want to show my versatility and to show everyone what I can offer. This is the reason I’m taking it seriously. I want people not just to fall in love with me but to relate with me as well. That what they are experiencing is what I’m showing.”

Truly, this guy is the one to watch out for. The one who will surely dominate in the years to come.

Why should we support Kelvin and watch the Lost Recipe?

This highly anticipated series elevates the country’s outlook to TV series as it highlights our culture and tradition. We have a penchant for family feuds and third parties. But this series tried to veer away from such plots. Its storyline makes you fall in love with what we can offer as a nation. Taking place in 2 parallel worlds, the past, and present, the fashion we see here is the best of both worlds. It’s historical yet it captures the modern-day taste that we will all crave for.

Airing weeknights in GMA News TV, The Lost Recipe is a mix of romance, comedy, and fantasy, and highlights Filipinos’ culinary prowess. With cinematography that can rival the best of K-Dramas, what else should we ask for? So let’s all tame our palates, as Kelvin Miranda gives us a new flavor and treats us in the sumptuous world of this new series.



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Produced by Josh Austria

Words by Arthur Tolentino

Photography | Amiel Kirby Guevara Balagtas

Stylist |  Jhay Layson

Hair and Makeup by Chu Salud

Special Thanks to GMA Artist Center and T.E.A.M. Tyronne Escalante Artist Management






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