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VP/Xclusives | All the love, Signature by Guillano

VP/Xclusives | All the love, Signature by Guillano

Blended foundation, contoured cheekbones, and framed expressive eyes; makeup is a form of art. Just like an artist paints, those who wear makeup use their faces as the canvas. It is more than a way of enhancing one’s appearance or hiding those imperfections. Makeup also becomes an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. And, no one does it better than a person who highlights one’s beauty with a magical touch just like celebrity makeup artist Guillano Valenzuela

Having worked with Guilly many times before, he has become one of my close friends in the industry. He will definitely make you feel the very best with well-done hairstyles and perfectly blended makeup. And, it’s all because of him and his team at Signature by Guillano. During a chat with Village Pipol Magazine, he expressed his love for his team and how uniquely remarkable each of them is.

VP/Xclusives | All the love, Signature by Guillano

Guillano Valenzuela is a self-taught makeup artist. He started in the industry straight out of college in 2009 and worked his way to the top. Makeup has always been his passion. It was the one thing that he really fought for in life. His college friends could attest to that as they were his early muses.

Guillano learned every rope and ladder in this industry. These were intricately made with challenges and pursuits. But, of course, he climbed it patiently and eventually found his place at the top. When asked about the thing that he loved most about the beauty industry, he pointed out its insatiable energy.

The beauty industry has this insatiable energy that I can’t get enough of. The dynamism of the craft, the beauty it embraces, and the challenge it constantly presents. I love the urgency and the privilege of making my clients look and feel beautiful. Their smiles are everything to me, so much that it drowns all the unhappy things this profession has.

However, he did mention a few downsides of the beauty industry. Guillano also noted that not everything is what it seems. People think that the industry is such a beautiful world. It is. But, it is hidden underneath many layers of makeup. It’s undefined and unexplained but he finds the light amid all that darkness.

I can’t say hate, but there are obvious downsides to working as a freelance professional in the country. Plus, the misconception that the beauty industry is all just glitz and glam. It isn’t. This industry is made up of real people with real experiences, and real problems. But as I said, my clients and my art make me happy. And I choose to focus on that. 

The birth of Signature by Guillano

Signature by Guillano was just a dream which blossomed into a brand. Then, later, it became the name for his team of professional artists that provide clients with high-quality hair and makeup services. They also cater to any kind of event, client, and project. 

At first, it was just branding for my makeup portfolio. Thanks to my ever-reliable college friend and “nanay-nanayan,” Eca Ong. She actually gave the name to the brand.  Until the time came that I already needed a team to handle lots of clients. I can’t do this all alone. So, why not create a team and share what I know and what I have with other creatives?

One of the best things about Signature by Guillano revolves around self-expression and creativity. People who wear makeup don’t consider it a mask. We don’t wear it for anyone. We wear makeup for ourselves. Our skin is the canvas that awaits collaborations; not a catastrophe begging to be cloaked. Makeup is an extension of one’s self and an expression of their inner world. And, Guillano truly knew that.

Over the years, I’ve learned that putting on make-up is more than making someone look pretty. It goes beyond aesthetics, it gives you power and confidence. The intangibles outweigh the visuals. For me, it’s a ticket to another dimension of creativity and self-expression. A place of no judgment, just peacefully making my art and being happy.

Boasting inclusivity and make-up for all

Signature by Guillano boasts inclusivity. They encourage that makeup is truly for everybody. He decided to make the brand inclusive where everyone feels that they belong. This comes mainly due to his firsthand experience of not being included. Guillano mentioned this during the interview and noted how he tried to handle it.

There are times when I honestly feel that the beauty and fashion industry is not very inclusive. I experienced it firsthand. So, I promised myself back then that I’ll create a group where I will just focus on professionality, love, passion, and attitude. I want my team to remember that we should open new doors for new talents from all walks of life.

As mentioned above, I’ve worked with him and his team for quite some time. And, I can truly attest that they treat each other like family.

I always treat my #TeamSignaturebyGuillano not just as a team, but as a family. These people are the core group of why clients keep coming back to us. I think they are one of the biggest reasons why I can say it’s successful. 

Plans for 2023

Planning is a great way to ensure that you make the most of your time and achieve one’s goal. When asked about Signature by Guillano’s plans for 2023, he remained vague but nonspecific. However, he did promise to continue what they do best. 

Definitely, we will do what we do best. We will still beautify people one stroke of brush at a time. I’m also planning to venture more into the entrepreneurial side of the beauty industry. And, whatever is in store for Signature by Guillano in 2023, I am happy and excited to have you guys on our beauty journey. Everyone is welcome, our team is open who want to experience our journey.

The team behind the signatory

Of course, we can’t talk about Signature by Guillano without mentioning his team members. Together with Guillano, they are poets who speak to us of beauty. They make clients feel elegant and ethereal. With a soft touch of their hands, they create such art. They often predict how wonderful you would look and feel after they’re done with you. And, Guillano himself named the most unique things about each of them.


Mae is my right hand. I can say that she is my peanut butter to my jelly, my apple to my pie. Seriously, I don’t what to do without Mae. She knows almost every client and the business thing I am into. And, the perfect word for Mae is professional. 


Angel is new to my team but when it comes to makeup and I’m not available. She’s there to make it work. She’s not just part of my team but a newfound true friend. 


Nathalie is one of the oldest when it comes to team members. So, she already knows the ins and outs. Nathalie is easy to talk to and to work with. That’s also the reason why she gets a lot of work under my team.


Ambitious. I find this word a positive note on him because I know he’s already creating his own name becoming one the best makeup artists for men in the country. And, I am proud of what he’s becoming. 

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The beauty queen maker. If there is one member of the team who gets my love for beauty pageants, that is Shone. If I have Celeste Cortesi under my belt, then she has Gazini Ganados. Trust me, you just don’t know how good he is.  


Elaine is not actually part of the team, at first. She is more of a “mare” or colleague friend. Until we realized that we always work together. And, since she is very supportive we decided to keep her under my team.


Just like Elaine, George is an old colleague before becoming on my team. I think the right word for George is experienced. You can’t go wrong with him on any hairstyle you’ll be requesting. 

A message from Guillano

These makeup artists open our lids and help us find the perfect fit for our self-confidence. And, Guillano knows that makeup artists predict the perfect way to accentuate the beauty of any client. They don’t fix your flaws but they enhance features. So, he left a message for aspiring makeup artists who want to get their names out there. 

If you’re an aspiring makeup artist. Always remember that your passion and tenacity is the key to achieving your goal. If you feel that your time is too slow for your career, just be patient and trust your journey. Every step has a lesson. You don’t want to miss and enjoy happy memories, don’t you? Smile and keep your face forward. 

Of course, because of the continuous support from people, Signature by Guillano continues to boom. Every moment is precious and support blossoms quickly. And, that’s what every support does. It acts as a pillar that keeps the team braced above. So, Guillano left a massive thank you.

No words or phrases I can give but thanks and love. You guys are the number one reason why we keep on doing what we are doing. I believe that I am not the main foundation of this brand, but you are. You guys who keep on supporting and giving your love to Signature by Guillano, you are the foundation. Thank you. 

Of course, last but never least, Guillano wants to give his team members a message as well. He wants to give a word to the people who have been there from the start, to the people who walk beside him each day, and to the people who see the beautiful spirit shining through good days and bad. 

I want this article to be my love letter to my beloved team because I know the brand #SignaturebyGuillano will not be possible without their help. Thank you for always supporting and giving love to this team as I built this with so much love and happiness. We will still have more journeys and am excited to have you all with me. 

All the love, Signature by Guillano

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