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Rainy Season Bucket List: Three Fun Activities You Can Do Indoors

Rainy Season Bucket List: Three Fun Activities You Can Do Indoors

Are you one of those who like the rainy season there? Like even if it’s a rainy day, are your days still productive? I have something else to share with you that you can add to your bucket list every rainy season.

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I know some of you don’t like the rainy season because we can’t deny that when it’s raining, it’s boring, lazy to move, or be productive, right? But others prefer or are okay with them even in the rainy season. It’s the rainy season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything indoors. Don’t waste time, just try to explore and you will find it.

These are the three indoor activities you can add to your bucket list for a chance to reverse the dull feelings that the rainy season brings!

Three Fun Activities You Can Do Indoors During Rainy Season:

Brewed Your Own Coffee

Photo Credits: Jessica Cassidy

Making freshly brewed coffee is one of the most calming things to do. Isn’t it better to make your coffee flavor yourself? You can immediately get or judge the taste or flavor of the coffee you want because you are the ones making it yourself. Then after you make a brewed and hot coffee, it will be accompanied by cold weather.

Cooked Something Delicious (Like The Ones with Hot Soup)

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Isn’t it nice to sip hot soup while the weather is cold? These are the times when best to cook your favorite foods with soup. While our surroundings and bodies cool down, the soup warms up our tummies.

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Painting (Make your own piece)

Photo Credits: Fine Art Tutorials

Make your piece that relates to the current state of your mind during the rainy season. Isn’t that exciting because you can make a piece because of the rainy season? We also cannot deny that the sound of rain is so peaceful and calming, so our minds can only think freely. If you have a talent for painting or any arts, this is the best time to make your piece.

We have our trips every rainy season, like the others prefer to sleep, which is also a good idea because it’s nice to sleep in the rainy season. But on the other hand, it’s even better that we move and become productive because the rainy season is not bad. After all, for me, it’s one of my favorite seasons. So those are just three that you can add. I know from your exploration that there are many things that can be done indoors!

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