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Toxic Human Foods You Should Avoid Giving To Your Dog

Toxic Human Foods You Should Avoid Giving To Your Dog

Who can refuse those puppy-dog eyes asking for a tiny piece? You undoubtedly want to share all of your tasty human food with your dog. However, we have to learn to stop pampering our pets. Knowing when to say “no” is important to be a good doggy parent.

Not everything you want to eat is safe for your dog. Many human foods can make your animals sick, some of them severely. Check out the list below for the most toxic foods you should never feed your dog, no matter how gently they beg.

Toxic Human Foods You Should Avoid Giving To Your Dog


The most well-known of the toxic foods for dogs is chocolate. It may be the ideal sweet treat for people. But, it is one of the most hazardous foods for dogs. Chocolate poisoning is caused by caffeine and theobromine. This can cause heart and brain issues in dogs. All chocolate is toxic to dogs. However, dark and unsweetened baking chocolates contain the most theobromine and are the most lethal.

Dairy foods

Sharing your ice cream with your dog on a hot day may be tempting. Instead, have them for some cold water. Milk and milk-based products might give your dog diarrhea and other stomach issues. They can also set off food allergies, causing them to itch.

Fatty foods 

What, bacon is off limits to your dog? That is correct! Dogs can develop pancreatitis by eating high-fat meals like bacon, ham, or pork trimmings. Additionally, because these meats frequently include a lot of salt. These may upset a dog’s stomach or even make them drink too much water, which can induce bloat and be deadly. Keep your dog’s diet leaner and reserve the fatty items for yourself.

Raisins and grapes

While certain fruits make excellent nutritious snack options for your dog, raisins and grapes do not. Although they appear harmless, these snacks can make dogs throw up, become lethargic, and ultimately develop renal failure. 

Cooked bones

It’s excellent to give your dog a raw bone to play on but stay away from cooked bones at all costs. Large numbers can easily splinter, resulting in constipation or, worst-case scenario, a fatal intestinal puncture.


Almonds, pecans, and walnuts are just a few of the nuts rich in oils and fats. The fats can induce vomiting and diarrhea, and even pancreatitis in dogs.


A fungicidal toxin known as persin is one of the reasons why avocados are harmful to many animals, not only dogs. While minor symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea should be observed, in addition to the enormous pits that might pose a choking hazard, it is commonly recognized that only massive doses of poison are genuinely fatal.


Does your dog require a bit more energy in the morning? Try an energizing morning jog, but don’t even consider sharing your coffee. Caffeine has deadly effects. Beware of coffee and tea, including the beans and grounds. Avoid giving your dog cola, chocolate, cocoa, or energy beverages. Some anti-cold medications and pain relievers also include caffeine.

Sugary foods

The same effects that too much sugar has on humans also apply to dogs. It may lead to your dog being overweight and having dental issues. Diabetes may potentially result from it.


Dogs may consume corn without issue; however, the hull, corn seed, or kernel can harm animals, especially those with smaller throats. The kernel has the potential to become stuck in your dog’s teeth, scratch his neck, or obstruct his airway.

A happier and healthier dog is guaranteed if you keep these things out of his diet. Also, your dog will be grateful if you provide good food and regular exercise. Even if she is a little sad that she couldn’t have a piece of your snack.

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