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On being a woman entrepreneur as told by Anna Bettina Pangalangan

On being a woman entrepreneur as told by Anna Bettina Pangalangan

Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend as this aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities. It embraces the carefree, the relaxed, the romantic, and the unusual. More than that, it reflects our life like a colorful tapestry by combining objects, patterns, and textures to create a new one.

Today, we have a wide variety of boho-chic style clothes and accessories to choose from. But most often, they are not available in our country, or they’re too pricey. This online local shop got your back since they have different boho-style and feminine earrings that are definitely eye-candies! Let’s get to know Betazzled and its proud owner Anna Bettina Pangalangan for a bit!

What inspired the birth of Betazzled?

According to Anna, their shop began way back 2017 out of a beautiful need. She said that she came with the idea because she wanted to donate money for their church’s anniversary celebration. Since fringe earrings were one of the trendy accessories back then, she found a way to earn from making some.

“Truthfully, I wanted a pair or two for myself, too. But all the designs that I wanted were too expensive. I collaborated with my sister’s friend for my first supply of gorgeous, bespoke, and reasonably priced fringe earrings. They sold like hotcakes! I was able to raise money for the anniversary.” 

For a while, she had to postpone Bedazzled operations to focus on her mental health. She revived her business even there’s a pandemic since she felt that nudge to continue doing her passion.


Betazzled’s style is a fine combination of bohemian and feminine aesthetics that usually make use of gold and silver plated wires with elaborate beadwork. She has experimented using hoops and other fabrics as well. Anna mentioned that she rarely repeats designs of the accessories because her materials are somewhat rare to find. As a result, her buyers have a little chance on finding the similar pair on other people.

This young business owner shared that her goal for Betazzled is to create and sell beautiful and unique accessories that is affordable for Filipinos. She also mentions that this business will hopefully expand so they can hire local crafters. In the future, she foresees it to be a lifestyle store where women can buy clothes, accessories, and pieces for their homes.

“Right now, I am thinking of adding more products to the brand. I want to sell furniture, clothes, and other things that make life beautiful!”

Women can be entrepreneurial and courageous

As a woman entrepreneur, Anna said that women must have the courage and opportunity to make your goals come true as the first enemy is self. They must silence the nagging thoughts that they cannot do it alone. With just a capital of PHP 3,000 and personal research, she managed to start her business. But more importantly, she was able to put up Betazzled because of her faith and support from family and friends.

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Moreover, she wants to impart to all those young women who wants to have their own business that they just have to do it and do not be afraid.

“The first step is always the hardest. After that baby step, I was surprised by the things that I can do! I had zero entrepreneurial experience when I started but I still went out of my comfort zone. I still have so much to learn but am glad to have started this brand!”


Betazzled is a local brand that represents beauty and affordability as it gives everyone a chance to feel good on a budget. If you’re curious about its accessories, you can check its social media account on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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